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  • 1.  Incentive programs

    Posted 04-19-2019 14:13

    Our company is working to introduce an incentive program for job performance.  I would love to hear how other companies are doing this.  We have three branches and a small Corporate office.  Our branches have a mix of engineers, project estimators, project managers, construction supervisors, technicians, and admin.  It is difficult to reward job-by-job because jobs can go "wrong" for all kinds of reasons, some that are not within our control.  Likewise, other jobs are easier to achieve high profit because of the nature of the work and/or that particular customer.  We don't want team members getting disgruntled because of the specific job(s) they were assigned to.  On the other hand, we want each employee to realize they are part of the team and have an impact on branch performance.  To address this and to foster an overall positive team dynamic, we are thinking about a quarterly bonus for all branch employees based on the overall profitability of the branch, with "spot" awards to reward individuals for above-and-beyond performance.  Do any of you use a similar idea?  We are struggling with how to include the Corporate office in this.  What metrics could be used to reward them, or would they just have some share of the branch incentive since they are supporting each of the branch teams?  Please share your project/team incentive based programs, and how/if you include the corporate employees in this.  Thanks!

    Lisa Donovan
    Mann Wireless, Ltd.
    Middle Grove NY
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