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Written Ethics / Code of Conduct Policy

  • 1.  Written Ethics / Code of Conduct Policy

    Posted 02-21-2019 11:41
    Does your company have a written ethics / code of conduct policy?

    Do you ask that your employees read and sign off on / agree to the policy annually/quarterly/monthly/etc?  At time of hire?  Never?

    What has been your company's experience with the overall process?

    I'd like to initiate an annual sign off of our yet-to-be-developed policy and would appreciate hearing feedback from you and your company.

    if you have a written policy that you'd be able to share, I'd also appreciate that.

    I specifically work for an aggregate trucking broker and would like to touch on topics such as not accepting kickbacks from drivers/customers, not running trucking work "on the side" (outside the confides of our company), being honest and treating customer/truck drivers/co-workers with respect, etc.

    Eric Dance CPA
    Alliance Trucking LP
    Arlington TX
    (972) 445-1772

  • 2.  RE: Written Ethics / Code of Conduct Policy

    Posted 02-22-2019 10:50
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    Attached is a copy of my firm's code of ethics.

    David Miller CCIFP, CRIS, CTP
    Cfo / Treasurer
    Jokake Construction Services, Inc.
    Phoenix AZ
    (602) 224-4573