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Field tickets/receipts and invoices

  • 1.  Field tickets/receipts and invoices

    Posted 12-13-2019 18:01
    We use Foundation software and have jobs that are remote from our office, even out of state.  Currently, we are old school and have the field superintendents mail in a weekly packet of all tickets and receipts.  Is anyone using a program that works well to send these documents to the office?  Especially in relation to Foundation software?  Currently, some of the supers take pictures with their phone etc. but this can create more work for the office trying to convert the file, even when they are received in a pdf.  Many times they will just print the document so they can match, code and process more easily.  I"m just looking for anyone's best practices to help us move forward from our old school way of doing things.

    Denise Day CPA
    Phillips Hardy Inc.
    Boonville MO
    (660) 834-3030

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    Posted 12-15-2019 08:37

    We use Foundations' Document Imaging module and don't know how we lived without it.  We have a workflow that integrates Foundation DI, our CRM, and GSuite.  Our workflow looks like this:

    1.  We have a generic accounting email (gmail account) that we have all invoices emailed too.  Everyone in our company snaps pics and emails receipts or whatever to this email address as well.  I've trained most to use a pdf scanner app vs taking a photo.

    2.  Set up a Zap ( to extract email attachments and add them to our team cloud drive (we are on GSuite and use Google Drive but you can do this with OneDrive and other online storage too) where we have a directory set up for only those in accounting to access.

    3.  We separate batches of invoices using Adobe and rename them using our naming convention (Job Name, Job Number, Vendor, Invoice Number).  Anything sent as a jpeg is converted to pdf.  At this point we use Adobe to comment / code / make notes on the receipt/invoice if needed.

    4.  Move them to processing folders for the A/P person that will enter them.

    5.  That folder is their default folder in the document imaging module so they launch A/P and DI and then load a new batch and everything is there for them.

    6.  Enter invoices and attach imaged invoices.

    7.  After entry, we move all invoices to a monthly A/P folder.  "2019-10 AP Invoices".  This folder is only accessible to Accounting.

    8.  When we close a job, we search DI for the job number and export all AP invoices / attachments as a zip file and save to our job folder so if we ever leave Foundation or if someone outside of Foundation needs to access these files they are available on our GDrive.

    One great thing about Gdrive is the full text search.  No matter where you file something, if you name it correctly you can find it.  I'm pretty stringent on our file naming because of that.  Any PM can enter a job number and pull up every relevant file and immediately find what they are looking for.  Or you can type in an invoice number etc.  DI within Foundation has a great search too.  I love how every image is attached to each transaction and you can drill down from just about any report to the actual invoice.  We have zero paper files for A/P.  All we have now are wet legal documents.  Half my desk is empty drawers!

    Jill Morrow
    Vice President / Controller
    IntegriBuilt LLC
    Irving TX
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  • 3.  RE: Field tickets/receipts and invoices

    Posted 12-16-2019 11:06

    Thanks for the detailed breakdown of making AP paperless. I am currently working on implementing Foundation with a go live date of Jan 1st and with a goal of also making AP paperless. The Foundation document imaging and drill downs are working great and I am about to get into the Invoice Routing functionality.

    Is there a reason your company does invoice coding outside of Foundation rather than using the Routing feature? As mentioned previously, I am still in the implementation stages but had envisioned using invoice routing to push invoices to PMs for coding.

    Adam O'Donnell
    Fontenoy Engineering, Inc.
    San Francisco CA
    (415) 740-0268