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Active Shooter Training in the workplace

  • 1.  Active Shooter Training in the workplace

    Posted 01-28-2019 13:18
    Has anyone had Active Shooter Training done at their workplace? (trained professionals come to your workplace and recognize signs of potential violence around you, and what to expect after an active shooting takes place) If so, did you find it beneficial?

    Gina Hutchins
    Accounting Manager
    Cox Engineering Company
    Randolph MA
    (781) 302-3326

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    Posted 01-29-2019 02:13

    Over the last couple years we have had several individuals come in to speak to the safety directors and owners of our construction group captive. We have always found these discussions beneficial, each time sparking great conversation and helping us improve on our best practices.

    In terms of the speakers we have utilized, we have leveraged a range of individuals -- from local SWAT team members to the professional speaker. The one individual that our group did get a lot of value from (on this topic, as well as a program to identify individuals under the influence) was:

    Mark M. Ashby

    President, CO DRE Project Coordinator

    Mobile: 303-503-4704 | Phone: 720-295-LEAD |

    He is a retired police officer and dynamic speaker. Overall he provided great content while keeping our group heavily engaged.

    Hope this is of help. Best of luck with your event.

    Jason Oswald ACI, ARM, CRIS
    Vice President, Managing Director
    CIRCA |
    cell: (630) 508-0444

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    Posted 01-29-2019 07:20
    Good Morning Gina,

    The PA state police provide a free presentation that is about a couple hours long. I thought it was informative and makes you think about your current situation. I would check with your state police because they know exactly who and how the response will work. They will even provide suggestions to your specific workplace if you ask them to.


    Michael Nardella
    Staff Accountant
    Francis Smith & Sons, Inc.
    Scott Twp. PA
    (570) 587-4775

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    Posted 01-29-2019 07:26

    We are a 50 employee company in PA and in October we contacted our local State Police Troop.


    They have an officer dedicated for this training and it went about a couple hours.  He was open to any and all questions and commented a lot of companies are now having him come in once they find out it is offered.


    He offered practical advice of how to secure the building, how to defend, hide and how to act when the police arrive.  It was very informative and well worth the time. 

    Chris Zick


    Francis Smith and Sons, Inc

    26 SAM'S ROAD

    SCOTT TWP. , PA 18447

    p 570 587-4775

    f 570-586-PUMP (7867)



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    Posted 01-29-2019 08:13
    Edited by Nathan Alexander 01-29-2019 08:13
    We also utilized a local law enforcement agency to provide active shooter training at our annual training day last year.  Sparked some great discussion about procedures and our vulnerabilities.

    Nathan Alexander
    Emery Sapp & Sons, Inc.
    Columbia MO
    (573) 445-8331

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    Posted 01-30-2019 02:47
    Dave Spotts was the presenter on the Active Shooter topic for both the CFMA-Southwest and AGC-CFMA Conferences last year.  He is also my husband and retired after 42 years in law enforcement.  He taught this topic to police officers for 7 years when he was the Criminal Justice Planning Specialist for the Counter-Terrorism Task Force in our region so he is well versed in the subject matter.  He is presenting this topic for the Central PA Chapter in February. If you would like more information on this topic, he would be happy to help.  Dave can be contacted directly at  

    Vickie Spotts CCIFP
    Zartman Construction Inc.
    Northumberland PA
    (570) 275-4400

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    Posted 01-30-2019 09:03

    We recently used a private company for this type of training.  The presenter(s) were former US Military Special Operations as well as having extensive backgrounds in law enforcement (undercover, Vice, uniformed service etc).  We found them to be extremely well versed and their presentation was easy to follow and covered more than just "Active Shooter" situations.  It went into all sort of "Active Threats" (fires, bomb threats etc.).  We have over 1,500 employees nationwide, so for us, this was an extremely big deal.  I am listing their contact info below.  They have 2 companies: Shoot & Move (teaches the basics of firearm safety) and Grey Strategic which does this sort of education.  Their pricing was extremely fair, and we would highly recommend them.

    Kris Sutton
    Shoot & Move and Grey Strategic

    Nathan Brainard AAI
    Vice President
    Insurance Office of America
    Longwood FL
    (407) 998-5287

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    Posted 01-30-2019 09:37

    I actually did an inhouse training during our open enrollment meeting back in November by showing a video and having a discussion afterward.  I updated our Employee Handbook to reflect parts of the video. Here's the website info to a YouTube video that worked well for us.

    Carolyn Brister
    Momentum Mechanical, Inc.
    Fort Worth TX
    (817) 624-0024

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    Posted 01-30-2019 13:21
    We are getting ready to have our first active shooter presentation by our local State Police office.  They have been working with schools in the area and have developed a good presentation.  Last year I went to the Texas AGC administrative conference in San Antonio and they had an active shooter presentation there by Garland Texas PD Hostage Negotiator and SWAT Officer Thomas Divers.  It was highly informative and gave us good things to talk about, and so I'm excited to have a presentation here at our main office.  We expect to do a training at each of our locations in the near future.

    Jossanne Neil
    James Hamilton Construction Co
    Silver City NM
    (575) 388-1546

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    Posted 01-31-2019 11:20
    Hi Gina;

    I attended the Active Shooter presentation by Dave Spotts at both the CFMA Southwest Regional Conference and AGC/CFMA Conference last year. The session received high ratings at both conferences. I believe Vicky Spotts (former CFMA National Chair) has included Dave's contact info already.

    It was well worth attending the session twice,  because there is SO much important information, Dave did a great job (extensive background) and also has a good perspective on the unique characteristics of the construction industry. The Southwest Regional Conference is going to have Dave present "Part 2" of this session - which is specific to construction companies -  in September in Long Beach.

    Pam Hummel
    Long Beach CA
    (714) 342-1357

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    Posted 02-08-2019 11:20

    Thank you for the support Pam.  Dave really appreciates it!  Vickie


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    Vickie Spotts, CPA, CCIFP


    3000 Point Township Drive (Rt. 11)

    Northumberland PA 17857-8864

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