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Purchase Orders in Viewpoint

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    Posted 05-06-2019 11:02
    i am seeking feedback on how your companies use the PO process in Viewpoint. My AP team is spending an extraordinary amount of time correcting and changing PO's to match packing slips and invoices that come in later. My hope would be that a PO could be set as a not-to-exceed (particularly for service-type charges where the price cannot be quoted as an exact amount), but my team is having to go in and un-receive items, change the PO price to the exact amount, re-receive them, then process them through AP. It seems like there has to be a more efficient way to use the system.  It pretty much takes an FTE to just fix PO's... there has to be a better way!

    Any experience sharing or suggestions are much appreciated.

    Katie Jeremiah
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    Posted 05-06-2019 20:46
    Hi Katie,
    I know we have worked with some partners who have used custom triggers in Viewpoint that would control the PO service types to not exceed.  We can setup a UD table inside Viewpoint that would allow this to be configured.  Please let me know if you'd like to talk more.


    Tuong Do
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    Prospection Business Intelligence
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    Posted 05-07-2019 10:31

    I was working in Viewpoint up until January of this year and we did not use the "receiving" function. Instead, we used an invoice approval process. It was the better option for that company because the POs were so often issued for approximate amounts. Instead of doing a receiving on each PO, AP would enter the invoices against the POs and a workflow would route the entry to the appropriate approver. The approver (PM) did a quick comparison of the invoice to the PO and verified any questioned "receipts" with the filed person who would have received the goods then either approved or rejected the invoice (with notes), made the needed adjustments to the PO (you only need to adjust the PO if it is an increase to the value because anything left "un"invoiced can be auto adjusted when the PO is closed). Once approved, the invoices are posted by batches.


    Feel free to reach out if you have questions about this option. I was involved in the implementation and the pros/cons are fresh in my mind.




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    Posted 05-08-2019 09:24
    ​Eileen's suggestion is a good one. I think unless you have a warehouse doing the actual receiving, and updating the receipts, enforcing the receiving policy isn't really a good use of a resource. In addition to removing that restriction, you can also use some exception reporting to try to identify potential issues before they're issues. You can write a notification to PM's (or purchasing) on a regular interval that lists POs that are 90% (or whatever threshold) complete.

    I know most will frown on this next suggestion, but you could also consider removing the control that does not allow you to overbill the PO. That combined a workflow Eileen suggested, and before and after exception reporting, may streamline APs process as well as push the accountability to the correct group. If the majority of the overbilling is occurring because POs have not been legitimately increased, as opposed to a vendor actually overbilling, then the exposure would be limited. You could set a threshold for an acceptable overbilling (say $100..) and use a trigger to stop the process if the entered amount exceeds that acceptable overbilling.

    Sarah Stegman
    Director - Construction Software Consulting
    CohnReznick LLP

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    Posted 05-08-2019 10:21
    We use Sage 100 Advanced and have similar issues in the past.  We decided that we would do receiving process with the invoice.  There are so many times that we do large quotes and don't list everything as the quote doesn't list all the items that are shipping.  Another area we struggle with - we never know how much will ship on each invoice.  Therefore, we get the invoices in so quickly with age of technology - we modify the PO based on the invoiced amount, then do a receipt with invoice process all at once.   We do send out invoices for approvals on equipment and subcontractors for our project managers to sign off and agree to.  This helps them to review for their billing purpose as well.  I think you just have to decide how important is the process to receive it when being received vs doing the receiving and invoicing all at the same time.

    Tammye Brown
    Airco Mechanical Ltd
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    Posted 05-08-2019 10:58
    We struggled with this challenge for along time, and we also spent more hours correcting receipts then approving and processing AP invoices.  We finally landed on entering a Lump Sum line item for the dollar amount of the PO along with the individual line items.  The line items are used to track receipts for the operations department and the Lump Sum line items control the dollar limit for the accounting department.

    Jayne Arithson
    Director of Accounting
    LEI Companies, Inc.
    Golden CO
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    Posted 05-08-2019 14:40

    Our company has trained our projects to enter POs, maintain them, and use the receiving process so when AP enters the invoices they Initialize the PO and pull in the Receivers. The process currently uses the VCM doc mgt tools that allow both the jobs at the Receiver level and AP at the Invoice level to use Attachment buttons to automate the document process and thus eliminating the paper trail. We train the projects that when they Receive against a PO with the attachments this is the same as stating "Pay the Invoice". We do not send any invoices to jobs for Receivers that match up to POs and incoming Invoices. If there are any issues the AP staff uses PM notes for the jobs to clarify or correct. We ask jobs to do there Receivers daily so there are very few exceptions that have to be addressed via PM Notes information exchanges. A company can also decide to turn on a feature in Viewpoint that posts the cost related to receivers once they are entered providing real time costing. When the invoice comes in (a week, month, or months later) if there is a difference only the difference is posted to the current month if the prior month(s) are closed. For example, freight was estimated at $50 but was $60 on a $4,000 invoice. Only the $10 gets posted later on.​​

    Paul West
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    The Middlesex Companies
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