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Project Records Retention Policy

  • 1.  Project Records Retention Policy

    Posted 12-13-2019 16:35
    We are working on cleaning up our network and project files.  Does anyone have a Project Records Retention Policy they would be willing to share?


    Bobby Fancher MBA
    Banks Construction
    North Charleston SC
    (843) 744-8261

  • 2.  RE: Project Records Retention Policy

    Posted 12-16-2019 10:04
    I have been directed to keep all Project Related documents forever, why I do not know.  We have design files and contract billings going back to 2004.  As for basic accounting files, we keep 10 years.

    Jeff Stuber
    Staff Accountant
    Associated Fire Services
    Knoxville TN
    (865) 588-9240

  • 3.  RE: Project Records Retention Policy

    Posted 12-18-2019 14:00

    You might check to see what your state's requirement is.  In California, we're required to keep project related data for 10 years.  If a project is involved with litigation, until it's completely settled.


    Hope this helps -




    Cheryl Smith

    D.H. Smith Company, Inc.

    PO Box 730189

    San Jose, CA  95173



  • 4.  RE: Project Records Retention Policy

    Posted 12-17-2019 16:26
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    Hi Bobby,

    Here is a copy of our records retention schedule.  Hope this helps.

    Take care!

    Barbra Runyon
    Secretary / Treasurer
    Brechbill & Helman Const. Co.
    Chambersburg PA
    (717) 263-4621