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Chart of Accounts in Spectrum

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    Posted 05-02-2019 15:00

    Hi all,


    We have a construction contractor who is making the transition from PeachTree/Sage to Spectrum in 2020.  They currently generate about $60 million in revenues and prepare job costing.  They are looking at their Chart of Accounts and want to clean them up before they switch to a new system. 


    Does anyone here have input for tips & tricks that you have learned through your own experience?


    Thank you in advance!


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    Posted 05-03-2019 13:39



    If your client will be looking to produce financial statements from Spectrum, it is easier in the development of the statements if the chart of accounts are grouped.  For example fixed assets, we present our five different fixed asset accounts separately, sum the accounts and then show our accumulated depreciation in total.  To easier build the financials, our fixed asset accounts are in the 1400s and our accumulated depreciation is in the 1500s.


    Whoever is working with your client on conversion and implantation, should be able to provide them with more guidance. 


    We went live on Spectrum in June 2017, so feel free to reach out if you have additional questions.




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    Posted 05-03-2019 13:57

    Hello all, and happy Friday!


    When we started with our system we had a HUGE list, right away I removed the obvious ones that we knew we did not need, after that every year we have made some changes as needed. No matter what software they have carrying over the COA that they have is a great start and then growing from there as they see where they could use more detail or removing where they see that it is not needed is probably best. Each company, owner or accounting department is probably going to be a little different in what detail they want or need to see.


    For example: This year I started providing the owner more detail on when our field guys are buying lunches for "non" sales meetings. So, for each other or random field people because I felt that I started to see a huge trend in that. At the end of the year I wrap that number back into my M&E account.


    Good luck in your transition!!!


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    Posted 05-03-2019 14:10
    Hi Christina!

    Disclaimer here.  I work for Viewpoint (previously Dexter + Chaney) and have been part of Spectrum implementations for the past 23 years.

    Here are my tips and tricks that I teach all of our new consultants.  I hope these help you with your client!

    Tips for creating a Chart of Account structure

    1. Are you going to create a new Chart of Accounts or stick with what you already have?
      This is your chance to redo your COA, but it doesn't mean that you have to!  What things do you like about the existing Chart of Accounts?  What don't you like?  How would you have redone the legacy systems Chart of Accounts back when that system was setup?

    2. Clean up the existing Chart of Accounts. 
      Identify all G/L codes that are no longer used and don't bring them to the new system.  Consider consolidating all G/L codes that have similar descriptions or are used for the same purpose.  To make the conversion easier, move the amounts into one G/L code on the legacy system when consolidating G/L codes.

    3. Decide on Departments or Cost Centers.
      Spectrum supports G/L Departments and/or Cost Centers.
      1. A G/L Department is used to segregate your financials.  For example, 10 might indicate the Electrical Department, 20 Service and so on.
      2. Cost Centers function exactly like G/L Departments, but you also get to add operator security to them.  This means that unless you have cost center security to the G/L code, you won't be able to use it in transactions, inquire on it or run reports with it.

    4. Renumber the Chart of Accounts.
      Over the years people tend to add a G/L code "where ever it would fit" in the structure.  This means that you might have a group of similar G/L codes together (say payroll taxes), but then a new code was added at the bottom of the list.  (Maybe this hasn't happened here, but I've seen it with a few of my clients over the years.)  Take this time to clean this up and group like items together.

    5. Store Legacy G/L Codes in a User-Defined field.
      To help your staff make the transition from the old structure to the new one, consider entering the legacy G/L codes as a user-defined field on the new G/L codes.  This is especially helpful when folks all have the old Chart of Account codes memorized.  As Spectrum's Search windows reviewed these user-defined fields, your staff can enter the old code and the new one will be returned to them.

    6. You can always make changes.
      New clients sometimes worry that they won't get their Chart of Accounts right when setting up Spectrum.  Please do not worry about this as Spectrum has a G/L Code Change Utility.  Here you enter the old code and the new code.  The utility then goes throughout the entire system and changes the old code to the new one.  This is especially handy for folks that have "out grown" their existing Chart of Accounts!

     Good luck!

    Geoffrey Falk CPA
    Product Manager
    Seattle WA
    (800) 875-1400

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    Posted 05-06-2019 15:34

    Thank you so much...I have several responses to go through.  If I have other questions, I will let you know.


    Have a great day!