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    Posted 07-02-2019 10:56


    Our company converted to Spectrum in July 2018. We are still learning our way around and working out the kinks.


    Has anyone experienced the following problem: the monthly draws are entered in the A/R in the draw request application and they should be pending there until they are selected for  posting. Prior to the posting step they can be viewed in the draw request screen; changes can be made etc.

    We have  detected, over the course of working with Spectrum, that some draws are "mysteriously" updated.  They can only be viewed in the "Form" as previously posted but the aging report, job cost and G/L shows no records of any transaction. We can't figure out how and why this is happening and Spectrum offers the explanation as "someone updated the draw by mistake".


    Please let me know if anyone had a similar experience.

    Thank you.




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