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    Posted 12-12-2018 09:54

    I am looking for a time clock software that can be used on field employees cell phones.  Needs to integrate with Sage 300 CRE.  Job and cost code selection at clock in are very important.  Any suggestions?


    Kim Foret  CPA, CGMA

    Chief Financial Officer

    Brown Builders, Inc.

    1619 Jimmie Davis Hwy

    Bossier City, LA  71112


    o – 318.752.6235  f – 318.746.0803  c – 318.426.0479



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    Posted 12-12-2018 13:55
    We are using HH2.  It does the trick for field work, but falls short for tracking routinely changing shop work.

    Peter Schwabe
    COST of Wisconsin, Inc
    Jackson WI
    (262) 677-6056

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    Posted 12-13-2018 07:41

    I use tsheets with QuickBooks and to account for showtime I'd make sure to set up a job named shop and a service item shop. I do the same sort of things for unbillable admin time. They have people to help walk you through the process. Let them know you do construction and need someone who can guide you through that set up 


    Brenda Keomany



     "STATus" = Setup, Training, Accounting, Troubleshooting; plus "us", as in working together.      

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    Posted 12-13-2018 11:57
    Hi Kim, we are using Exaktime, and it has good job and cost code functions. It has a solid phone app that even works when there's no cell coverage (other apps we tested could not do this). It can export to Sage 300 CRE and many other accounting software packages.

    Check out and see if it would work for you.

    Best wishes!

    Daniel Forster
    Lamont Bros LLC
    Oregon City OR
    (503) 616-8249

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    Posted 12-13-2018 12:32

    Sage 300 can import a csv file produced from a large number of timecard apps. However, I'd recommend using a service that pulls job and cost codes from Sage 300. Otherwise, you have to maintain a separate database of jobs and cost codes. I haven't used HH2 but I'd check with them and others that pull setup data before using apps that would require manual setup of the codes. The one downside to synced setup, is many apps pull all of your cost codes. So, I'd also look for the ability to restrict payroll entry to cost codes with a labor budget. T-sheets is a low-cost way to go, but the soft cost of maintaining a separate list of cost codes can be high when changes occur during the course of the project. Often the field will choose the best available cost code if the correct cost code hasn't been added yet. I'd recommend considering your internal change workflow and how the time app fits into that workflow.


    Kevin Halme
    Constructive Tech Solutions
    Omaha, NE

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    Posted 12-14-2018 09:40

    I work for ExakTime, which Daniel mentioned.  I'd be happy to discuss the two way integrations we have for Sage 300 and our other features.  Feel free to call me anytime.

    Meredith Estremo
    direct: 818-338-6039

    Meredith Estremo
    National Accounts Representative
    Calabasas CA