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  • 1.  Bottom Lines--John Rogoz

    Posted 01-08-2019 19:28
    Just a note of appreciation to CFMA for keeping members informed.  Although the news about John Rogoz passing wasn't the news that I wanted to hear about, the announcement was appropriate.  Thank you.

    It was a pleasure to serve with John on CFMA's Executive Committee and one of my fondest memories was our meeting in Albuquerque and a Dick Rice arranged hot air balloon ride with some of Dick's friends.  John and I had the pleasure of a ride piloted by Neil Jackson in the bright Red / Blue / Yellow "Flying Circus" balloon.  John was a great individual and his involvement with CFMA and the Institute will be missed.

    You're flying even higher now John...

    Steve Tenney
    Ames IA
    (515) 290-6647