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  • 1.  Shift Differential

    Posted 01-28-2019 13:52
    I'm reviewing our shift differential guidelines and want to see what other companies are doing. I've heard some companies have been moving away from the 5% for 2nd and 10% for 3rd shift and gone to a set dollar amount for each shift. I was hoping to hear what other companies are doing.
    1. What are the percentages for each shift?
    2. What are the time slots for each shift?
    3. If a person starts at 1pm but ends at 7:30. What shift does it count in, or do you break it?


    Thanks for any help on these.

    Todd Niedopytalski
    Goforth Electric
    Brockport NY
    (585) 734-0327
    (585) 734-0327(585) 734-0327