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Foundation Software - Credit Card Activity

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    Posted 12-22-2018 19:19
    We are looking for ways to improve our efficiency of posting credit card activity in Foundation.  I would be interested in hearing from other Foundation users on how they handle this.  We currently input each individual transaction into the accounts payable module.  Is there a way to upload an entire month's activity?


    Thomas Plagens
    Chief Financial Officer
    Fairview Construction Services, LLC
    Plymouth MI
    (248) 613-1650

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    Posted 12-23-2018 07:18
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    Yes. Download your credit card transactions from credit card website in .cvs format and convert it to a journal entry. The template for the JE is attached.

    You will need to code out all your transactions to the proper GL accounts. If you want to reconcile the credit card account you will also need to create a credit for every single transaction. Ex. 300 credit card transactions per month would be 300 debits and 300 credits. I use the description column to put the vender name in. Once you get all your debits in, you can copy and paste for the credit side and code to your credit card GL account. You must have 13 columns. Give me a call should you need any help.

    If you just want to do a lump sum for the  entire month, you will only need one credit side of your JE but it must equal your new balance on from your credit card statement. Remember to save the spreadsheet in .cvs format and delete titles at the top. You also cannot use Commas dashes, quotes, or underscore bars in your description. Feel free to call me if you need help.

    Jillane Brown
    Browe Construction Company
    Selma NC
    (919) 373-5754
    Cell - 919-631-0573


    JE TEMPLATE.csv   111B 1 version

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    Posted 12-24-2018 09:07
    Lee Ann DuBois

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