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  • 1.  Expense Reporting App

    Posted 02-12-2015 09:04
    Hi Everyone,

    I am searching for an app that will allow our field employees to report credit card expenses to the corporate offices.  Perhaps something that would transmit copies of receipts and allow for cost coding.  Has anyone seen anything capable of accomplishing such a task?

    Thanks in advance for your responses.

    Sherry Melendez BBA in Accounting
    Turnaround Energy Services & San Marcos Air Conditioning
    San Marcos, TX
    (830) 423-7802

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    Posted 02-13-2015 09:05

    You should take a look at eNTERFACE from eRisk Corporation.  Go to and click on explore to see brief videos of some of the options this system can do.  You control what information you want to capture from the field and it can then be routed for approval within your organization. 

    Phillip Hancock
    Software Sales
    Strategies Group Inc.
    Suwanee GA
    (678) 684-1425

  • 3.  RE: Expense Reporting App

    Posted 02-13-2015 09:10

    I agree with Phillip - eNTERFACE from eRisk Corporation is a must see.

    William Kormoski
    President, Sage 300 CRE Consultant
    Kormoski & Associates LLC
    Mount Juliet TN
    (615) 351-4953

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    Posted 02-14-2015 11:00

    Also take a look at Expensify - "Expense Reports That Don't Suck." ( Its a very simple and affordable solution. We can assist you with integration with your ERP/job cost software.


    Thomas Kline CPA
    The Totally Great Companies, LLC
    Dallas TX
    (972) 695-4200

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    Posted 04-18-2018 18:27
    I know this is an older thread but i am looking for feedback from anyone who is using Expensify with Sage 300.  We are looking to replace Concur with this product and need some guidance on making the interface work so we can import the information direct to payables.
    Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


    Richard Lloyd
    Creature, LLC
    Birmingham AL
    (205) 322-7726

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    Posted 02-21-2019 13:20
    Would you be willing to share why you were looking to replace Concur?  We are just starting to look into Concur and have Sage 300.

    Thank you,

    Jennifer Tebon CPA, CMA
    Controller/Asst Secretary
    Stevens Construction Corp.
    Madison WI
    (608) 222-5100

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    Posted 02-13-2015 09:14
    We use Comdata cards, and they have an app that is easy to capture the image with a smartphone, then the charge is ready for coding and the image is attached. 

    Teresa Walker CPA, CCIFP
    Chief Financial Officer
    Markham Contracting Co., Inc.
    Phoenix AZ
    (623) 869-9100

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    Posted 02-27-2015 16:57
    I agree with Teresa. We are using the app for some people and it works well.

    They also have an interface with Timberline (Sage 300), Viewpoint and I think some other software packages that allow for the import into the AP module after transactions are coded. There's been a few issues working through things with Timberline but Comdata has been addressing them.

    The rebate on the cards is nice as well.

    William Bauman
    Chief Financial Officer
    Terry Tree Service, LLC and Ironwood Heavy Highway, LLC
    Rochester NY
    (585) 436-2900

  • 9.  RE: Expense Reporting App

    Posted 02-13-2015 09:37
    Hi Sherry, 

    We use Smartsheet as a tool for capturing credit card receipts and expense information.  You can set up a worksheet that is specific to the cards that person has, dept, cost code, amount,  manager who will approve, etc.  Anything you want to track.  The person takes a picture, it's in the cloud so the update is automatic, and inputs the required information.  Then, you set up a report that automatically gets sent to the supervisor to review (receipt is an attachment with each line) and check the approval box (locked so only he can change it).

    The beauty of this system is that our AP dept has their own report that pulls everyone together & organizes so that her reconciliation to the credit card statement only takes a fraction of the time it used to. And she can see what has or has not been approved.  

    Everyone in our company that has a credit card or fuel card uses this and it is easy to implement.

    Hope this helps!

    Jill Putz
    Kato Roofing, Inc.
    Mankato MN
    (507) 388-4112

  • 10.  RE: Expense Reporting App

    Posted 02-13-2015 09:47
    We use JP Morgan Chase Mastercards.  They provide an online reporting tool that is very complete.  The security associated with it takes some getting used to, but overall very satisfied with the system.

    Insulations, Inc.
    Harahan LA
    (504) 293-4215

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    Posted 02-13-2015 10:00
    Hi Sherry,

    Check out "Concur".  I think this has the capabilities and features you're looking for.  I've used it before and it works well.

    Paul Tertan
    Manager of Financial Reporting
    Coastal Construction
    Miami FL
    (305) 559-4900

  • 12.  RE: Expense Reporting App

    Posted 02-13-2015 10:10
    The company my wife worked for used this product and they thought it worked well. 

    Timothy Edwards
    Chief Financial Officer
    Sears Contract, Inc.
    Raleigh NC
    (919) 754-0750

  • 13.  RE: Expense Reporting App

    Posted 02-13-2015 10:50
    Taking photos of receipts with their cell phone?

    Darrell Robinson BS Accounting
    Application Support Specialist
    Viewpoint Construction Software
    Portland OR
    (971) 998-5451

  • 14.  RE: Expense Reporting App

    Posted 02-13-2015 12:35
    A company I worked for used Concur as well -

    Denise Perrone
    Sr. Business Manager
    Flatiron Construction
    Chino Hills CA
    (646) 530-2137

  • 15.  RE: Expense Reporting App

    Posted 02-15-2015 08:42
    I have used Concur for over 10 years with Trane (Ingersoll Rand) and am completely satisfied with it's capabilities for capturing, itemizing, and adding receipt images to the expenses.  Some vendors can even auto-attach invoice PDF to each record (rental cars, airlines, hotels, etc.).  The web and mobile App are designed well.  Workflow approvals, ability to delegate workflow or admin assignments, and ledger accounting are configurable; including adding a job # if for direct job expenses.  Transactions are tied to each credit card, so only processed transactions from the credit card company load; all others are for cash or personal credit card reimbursement.  Managers can approve/reject line level details, and automatic email communication notifies all users in the workflow of where they are in the process.  Concur's process provides great control over expenses, approvals, and credit card process.

    With travel, I also use the mobile Concur App for all my flight, rental car, and hotel details while on the move.  All around a great App.  Definitely take a look.

    Hope this helps!


    Timothy Tomasic
    The Trane Company
    St Louis MO
    (314) 707-6280

  • 16.  RE: Expense Reporting App

    Posted 02-17-2015 07:58
    Thank you everyone for all of your responses.  I knew CFMA was the right place to turn!  You guys are the greatest!

    Sherry Melendez BBA in Accounting
    Turnaround Energy Services & San Marcos Air Conditioning
    San Marcos TX
    (512) 387-2555

  • 17.  RE: Expense Reporting App

    Posted 02-23-2015 15:43
    We also use Concur along with an add-on they make called ExpenseIt which analyzes the receipts.  I can complete my entire expense report through mobile apps which allows me to keep up with expenses when I'm on the road.

    Michelle Grider
    Manager, Client Services
    Textura Corporation
    Phoenix AZ
    (602) 309-1338

  • 18.  RE: Expense Reporting App

    Posted 02-24-2015 11:14
    We have just implemented the whole Comdata program.  This includes credit cards and the software to manage expenses.  We have deployed their mobile app for our field guys and I am happy to say that  the field is embracing it.  They simply take a picture of the receipts with their mobile device, and upload it to the Comdata Expense Management web portal where it can be coded later.  This program allows us to capture odometer and vehicle ID info at the gas pump for fuel purchases on the card.  Finally, from start to finish, there were no hidden fees or unpleasant surprises.  On the credit card side, too, there are rewards for volume spending - the more you put on the card, the more you get back.  We have explored and tried several other options in the past, with varying degrees of success.  This one is easy to use in the field, AND office friendly for the Accounting staff who has to deal with the management side of it.  We spent a lot of time researching the options and we are happy with this.

    Cynthia Lee
    Haydon Building Corp
    Phoenix AZ
    (602) 296-1496

  • 19.  RE: Expense Reporting App

    Posted 02-27-2015 14:12

    We have used Comdata/CEMS for almost a year now for our expense reporting. Our employees have been quite satisfied with the ease of taking a picture with their phones using the CEMS app and having the picture automatically  import into the Comdata system for coding. The app includes a notes field where the cardholder can enter notes/cost codes for later use when coding the transactions (or for reference if someone other than the cardholder is coding their transactions.) When the charge is opened for coding, the receipt image automatically attaches based on the date and amount of the transaction. The notes will then populate as well, making coding the transaction much easier. Comdata has saved our Accounting Department hours of work as well because the transactions are easily imported into our Viewpoint software.

    Katie Robbins
    Financial Planning & Analysis Manager
    Donley's, Inc.
    Cleveland OH
    (216) 524-6800

  • 20.  RE: Expense Reporting App

    Posted 03-03-2015 12:20
    I've used Comdata and the CEMS app at a previous employer and it was well received, both in the office and by field personnel.  With CEMS, after receiving the weekly invoice from Comdata, we were able to seamlessly code transactions using the images of the receipts our card users had uploaded from the app.  Most users either wrote on the receipt the necessary information or wrote information in the notes field.  If card users were in an area with good reception, the upload was almost instantaneous.  Even if reception was not ideal, our users could take a picture of their receipt with their camera and upload at a later time.  This way they didn't have to worry about carrying around a lot of receipts and  unintentionally misplace them.  

    Even though we were on a software package that did not integrate with CEMS, the import and export process was quite simple to manage with a few steps.  Setting up import templates was a big time saver. I would recommend CEMS, especially since I understand it is due to be improved soon and allow for coding at the app level.  We are considering using it at my current employer.


    Lisa Autino CCIFP, CPA
    Caliente Construction
    Tempe AZ
    (480) 894-5500

  • 21.  RE: Expense Reporting App

    Posted 02-22-2019 09:59
    I have actually been evaluating expense reporting software myself.  I have been quite impressed with the Chrome Rivers expense reporting product.  Though it's a little bit more than I can justify for our small company if we were a little larger it would be a very easy decision for us.  My want to look at just for a point of reference if nothing else.

    Jeffrey Campbell BS in Accounting & Bus Admin
    Chief Financial Officer
    Hastco, Inc.
    Topeka KS
    (785) 235-8718

  • 22.  RE: Expense Reporting App

    Posted 02-22-2019 14:20
    Hi Sherry,

    A couple of people recommended Enterface from Erisk.  Just to set the record straight, Core Associates, the makers of Timberscan bought the source code for Enterface.  They have enhanced it significantly and re-branded it Core Cloud Systems (CCS).  Check it out at there website.
    Core Cloud Systems (CCS) - Core Associates, LLC.

    Good luck on your search.

    Bernard Ross
    Co-Founder/Chief Strategy Officer
    Core Associates, LLC
    Delray Beach FL
    (914) 294-4441