Program Committee


Responsible for chapter programs, this committee convenes in the summer and fall to develop the programming for the next program year. (The Program Committee also includes the Education Committee and Social/Outreach Committee.)

Committee Chair and Members

Chair: Tamara Kilty, All-Bry Construction
Kathy Cole, DK Cole Co.
Brad Dalbec, Buildtech Construction
Mary Davolt, Pernix Group
Shawn Erickson, CJ Erickson Plumbing
Tracy Fenolio, FCL Builders
Erik Haarstad, Reed Construction
Michael Harris, The PrivateBank
Courtney Hartnett, Peak Construction
Jen Haub, Pepper Construction
Ryan Hiss, Laurie & Brennan LLP
Amy Holmes, Crowe Horwath
Dom Pernai, Cornerstone Solutions
Bill Reidinger, Assurance Agency
Jon Schroeder, Arthur J. Gallagher
Jeff Tyner, CliftonLarsonAllen
Alex Warner, CliftonLarsonAllen

Mission Statement

To design and execute monthly programs reflecting the educational, informational and networking needs of our Chicago Chapter Members.  These programs will be relevant, timely and presented in formats most convenient and meaningful to our members.


Activities and Tasks

Annual Planning Meeting: the committee meets annually to brainstorm and narrow topics for the coming year.  Other meetings are scheduled as necessary.  The Program Committee has two sub-committees, Education and Social.  Together the committee develop a comprehensive annual program offering for members.

Program Champions:  Each program has a Volunteer Program Champion who will arrange for speaker(s) and identify program content.  The Program Champion works closely with the Chapter Admin to finalize online registration, venue details and speaker AV requests.  

    Venue Selection:  select venue(s) determining the best location and value for Chapter members.  Consideration is to be given to location, availability, menu and minimum requirements.

    Co-sponsorship:  Give consideration to co-sponsoring events with other industry organizations and CFMA chapters.

    Event Sponsorship:  Committee should give consideration to event sponsorship if appropriate. 

    Education Committee


    The Education Committee is responsible for organizing 2 or more educational seminars per year that include CPE credits, working with local instructors and CFMA Headquarters. This committee convenes via phone and e-mail.

    Committee Chair and Members

    Chair: Ryan Hiss
    Natalie Dienethal, Power Construction
    Maggie Weber, Zurich
    Adrian Nohr, CliftonLarsonAllen
    Brad Dalbec, Builtech

    Mission Statement

    To provide members and others associated with the construction industry continuing education on construction financial management and related topics and to provide members with the opportunity to earn 16 CPE credits each year.  

    Activities and Tasks


    • Through ongoing feedback from members as well as surveys, committee determines topics that are relevant and important to members.

    • It is recommended that the committee offer the Basics of Construction Accounting and the CCIFP Review Course at least once every two years, alternating between these two each year.

    • Committee should select additional course offerings from the approved training modules offered by CFMA Headquarters.

    • As may be required from time to time, present non-CFMA approved training programs with the approval of the Board of Directors.

    • Coordinate with the Intern Committee to provide training to interns via the Basic of Construction Accounting course or an intern specific course.

    • Coordinate obtaining instructors, educational materials and facilities.

    • Presenters or trainers should always have specific subject matter experience so that they can provide practical experiences and examples whenever possible.

    • Ensure the Chapter maintains appropriate records and compiles with all requirements for participants to receive continuing education credits.

    Social/Outreach Committee


    Responsible for chapter programs, this committee convenes in the summer and fall to develop the programming for the next program year.

    Committee Chair and Members

    Chair: Amy Holmes, Crowe Horwath,
    Maureen Daly, Walsh Construction Group
    Jen Wermund, Executive Construction Inc.
    Catrina Payne, Klein Hall CPA's
    Jo Clavelli, Berkley Surety

    Mission Statement

    To provide social gatherings where members can network in a relaxed social setting.  

    Activities and Tasks

    • Organizes a Summer Social Event, typically held in July.  Planning is done in the winter and the event booked by spring


    • Organizes a Holiday Social Event, typically held in late November or early December.  Planning is done in the spring/summer and is booked by late summer/early fall. 

    • Organizes an opportunity to give back to the community (this may be in conjunction with a social event or a separate event).  The timing of outreach events depends on the Chicago CFMA Chapter’s schedule.  At a minimum, one community outreach event per year is planned (can be in conjunction with a social event).