Now Accepting Applications!

Dear DFW CFMA, TEXO & ASA Members:

Our Spring Scholarship season begins now and we are looking forward to your strong support as always.  You have identified and brought forth great candidates every year and we look forward to another group of excellent applicants for spring 2017.  Awards will include $1000 Academic Scholarships for active students plus the $500 Certificates of Award for candidates who have passed the CCIFP or CPA exam. 

Many of you are new members at DFW CFMA and we encourage you to seize this opportunity to recognize a worthy candidate in your organization or an enterprising college student.  You will not only provide meaningful financial support but you will also expose these future leaders to CFMA and career opportunities in the construction industry.  For those of you who have taken advantage of the scholarships before we encourage you to do so again.  As long as the student continues to meet the criteria, they are eligible to compete and can turn a $1000 scholarship into $2000 or $3000.     

Applications are due by May 10, 2017 and the scholarships and awards will be presented at the DFW CFMA Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament on October 9th at Timarron Country Club. 


·         CFMA, TEXO or ASA Member identifies & recommends the Candidate

·         Candidate completes the brief Scholarship / Award Application

·         Candidate writes a one page letter outlining their goals

·         Candidate attaches their most recent transcript or certificate

·         Candidate attaches the letter of recommendation 

All applications and supporting documents should be mailed or emailed to me at the address below. Please feel free to call or email me if any questions.

Thank you for your support!

Bryan Ward
5001 Spring Valley Road
Suite 600W
Dallas, Texas 75244