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1.  Joint Checks

Posted 09-28-2017 18:26

We are a general contractor who works in multiple states, with approx. $100M in revenue annually.  We work with many different subcontractors, and due to state laws, may request joint checks to protect us from a lien situation.  We use Sage CRE 300.  I am curious how others track joint check obligations, lower tier suppliers and subs, etc.  We do use the compliance module and it is helpful to track waiver receipts.  I'm seeking how you actually allocate dollars when a joint check agreement is signed.  Do you enter that amount in your AP, so as to not loose track of the committed amount?

Thanks for your advice and suggestions!​​

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2.  RE: Joint Checks

Posted 09-29-2017 10:35

We work with the direct sub and the 2nd tier sub as to the correct amount that should be allocated.  The amount is provided to us in writing.  We then utilize the joint check feature in Sage to assign the amounts to the correct vendor, allocating all retainage and any taxes to the direct subcontractor. Not sure if this is what you were looking for.  We likely don't have as many of these situations as you so our process is fairly simple.

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3.  RE: Joint Checks

Posted 09-30-2017 08:37
We handle joint checks the same way as described. We also run as a separately so all the check as in numerical order and save the joint check payment split as part of the support for the payment. We also have the first tier sub sign a lien waive that includes the entire payment


4.  RE: Joint Checks

Posted 10-02-2017 08:10
We utilize Viewpoint, which allows for Joint Checks to be posted as part of the normal AP Transaction Entry if the information is known at the time of entry. If the information is not known until checks are cut, the AP Entry is posted for the total gross amount owed to the Subs and the revised at the time that the check batch is produced. Confirmation of amounts owed to 2nd-tier Subs/Vendors is determined by utilizing the Subcontractors Sworn Statement. A Joint Check Agreement is required to be executed between the Subcontractor and each of the 2nd-tier Subs/vendors.

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5.  RE: Joint Checks

Posted 10-13-2017 09:47
When entering the invoice in Sage 300 CRE in the distribution line -click- Other-then-click-Joint Check.  You can always break out your distributions with a separate line items for joint checks.   If you have/ utilize the Project Management (PJ) module then when setting up the commitment for the subcontractor's contract breakout on a separate line item for the total joint check amount.   If you don't use commitments then you can manually track this by pulling up a report of joint checks by job (then condition for the job you're looking up and the specific subcontractor).

Hope this helps!

And when in doubt I don't hesitate to call Sage's 300 CRE customer service.

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