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1.  Paperless AP Process-Vista

Posted 7 days ago
We are in the midst of implementing a paperless AP process. The bottleneck seems to be how to handle the paper packing slips and invoices that have been scanned and are awaiting correction of Purchase Orders, etc.  before they are attached in Vista.

We are currently saving each document in a shared Windows folder with a prescribed file naming convention (Purchase Order number appended with "-O" for order confirmation, "-P" for packing slip, etc.  When the three-way match is achieved, AP inputs the invoice to Vista and attaches the supporting documents (PO, Order Confirmation, Invoice, Packing Slip) so they can be viewed in AP Unapproved Invoice Entry.

Documents that are awaiting correction or clarification are saved in a folder with initials of the person who is required to correct/clarify.

It seems like there should be a better way of utilizing Vista for this front end process.

If anyone has a more efficient way of storing and tracking these documents before they are ready for payment, please let me know. 

Thank you!

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2.  RE: Paperless AP Process-Vista

Posted 7 days ago
Edited by Kevin Halme 6 days ago

My recommendation is that you use Vista's Scan Batches and Unapproved Invoice Review.  The packing slips and order confirmations can be stored in separate scan batches.  Once the invoice is received the Invoice Record is created and all related documents attached.  The invoice can be routed to the assigned reviewer for approval if anything needs adjusted.  If you allow the AP clerk to post invoices that have all documents matching, you can allow them access to Approve All button so the reviewer doesn't see the invoices unless there is a discrepancy in the documents.  The AP clerk can provide notes on any issues for the reviewer to address.

A three monitor workstation is ideal for the AP clerk doing paperless AP.  The center monitor has the AP Unapproved Invoice Entry form, the right monitor has the invoice scan batch with Auto Attach on, and the left monitor has the related documents scan batches with auto attach off.  This allows efficient attaching of the related documents during invoice entry.  The scan batches should be restricted by type of document and a date range to keep the scan batch size to a workable size if you need to turn off hide attached to find an image that didn't attach correctly.

Have you checked out Keystyle's check review portal?  It's a great tool for the check signer(s) to review check backup and approvals while signing checks.

Feel free to call me if you wish to discuss this further.

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3.  RE: Paperless AP Process-Vista

Posted 6 days ago
Thank you, Kevin. I had not heard of Keystyle's check review portal, but after reviewing what they had online, it appears to fill a lot of the gaps and inefficiencies in our process. I have requested a demo.  I will also review Vista's scan batch to see if we can leverage that to replace/assist our current (cumbersome) process. Thank you for your great input.

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4.  RE: Paperless AP Process-Vista

Posted 4 days ago

We use Keystyles for invoice approval and check review. We love Keystyles!


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5.  RE: Paperless AP Process-Vista

Posted 4 days ago

Good morning!  I saw your post about AP Invoice Routing/Approval.  I'm the COO at an excavation company and after dealing with many struggles and roadblocks, my team and I developed an app to automate everything we do.  Just last week I built an invoice routing/approval form.  If you're interested, I'd be happy to give you more information and/or a demo of the product!


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