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Topic: Sage 300 Archival / Data Retention Schedule

1.  Sage 300 Archival / Data Retention Schedule

Posted 7 days ago
We use Sage 300 and are trying to establish a more robust archival schedule.  Would anyone be willing to share their schedule?  I am looking for something like this for each module:
AP -
Current folder: keep CY + 3 years data
History folder: 6 years of data

PR -
Current folder: keep CY + 5 years data
History folder: 5 years of data
We have looked at TUG and the Sage knowledgebase and have begun to write our own schedule and best practices but figured someone might be able to save us reinventing the wheel.  If you have any notes of best practices, that would be a bonus.
THANKS!  Feel free to respond here or contact me directly.

Kevin Page, CPA
Assistant Controller
Sears Contract Inc.
Raleigh, NC