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1.  Suicide Prevention Month - #BeThe1To ASK

Posted 09-05-2017 15:32
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​One of the most common myths surrounding suicide prevention is "If you ask someone if they are thinking about suicide, you'll put the idea in their head".  This is completely wrong.  Asking someone if they are considering suicide will NOT make them do it - in fact, it likely could have the opposite effect - if they are considering suicide, simply asking the question shows them that someone sees their pain and cares enough to ask.  Another point that I've heard in lived experiences shared by those who have been suicidal is not asking if they are thinking of hurting themselves - they are hurting!  The words seem harsh to those who haven't experienced it, but need to be said "are you thinking of killing yourself" or "are you thinking about suicide"?  If these are too hard, Dave S just made a good suggestion of "are you thinking of harming yourself" - that at least acknowledges action beyond the hurt/pain that they are already feeling.

Please share these #BeThe1To flyers and information in your company, on social media, etc - you never know who's life you may be saving!GjBgdvotRWqhYAmkpj6v_BeThe1ToAsk_solid.jpg

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2.  RE: Suicide Prevention Month - #BeThe1To ASK

Posted 09-13-2017 12:37
Please Ask! Please be the one that asks!

If you know someone who might be considering hurting them self, please do ask! Ask them if there is something you can do or someone you can call or reach out to that might be able to help.

If you suspect someone might hurt them self and you are not sure what to do.... Ask someone... the Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network (TSPN) has a website with information to guide you in helping someone.

Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network | Saving lives in Tennessee since 2001.
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Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network | Saving lives in Tennessee since 2001.
Statewide organization engaged in public education, provision of services, and other measures to prevent suicide. Click to learn more.
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Sometimes, all a person needs to know is whatever they are going through, they are not alone. Someone, somewhere is going through either the same thing or something similar.  And It's OK!!!  we'll get through this together. "No Matter What!"


Home - #BeThe1To

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Home - #BeThe1To
Help someone that may be thinking of suicide with these 5 steps.
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3.  RE: Suicide Prevention Month - #BeThe1To ASK

Posted 09-14-2017 11:47
You're right Michelle, the word "hurting" can become lost  when a person is hearing it through their filter of pain and detachment. It's ok to ask. It's caring to ask. We are so conditioned to keep to ourselves, but we have to fight that conditioning and get in other peoples business if we are going to effectively reach out to those suffering with suicidal thoughts.

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