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1.  ADP Time & Attendance

Posted 04-19-2017 09:08
Has anyone worked with ADP on setting up the Time & Attendance function to streamline payroll.  I have been working with someone at ADP for almost two months now attempting to get Time & Attendance to a point that we can have some test runs.  An issue that keeps coming up is the lack of understanding what we as a construction company need on our mobile timesheet for people working in the field.  The end goal would be to receive a file back from ADP once payroll is completed that way we can import into job cost so a person does not need to make all the entries.  Our process to complete payroll evolves entering employees time

   If someone has gone through this process in their company with ADP it would be great to here about your experience.

Rich Schultz
A&E Construction Company
Drexel Hill, PA

2.  RE: ADP Time & Attendance

Posted 04-20-2017 08:48

We are a small construction company in San Antonio.  I'm not sure what accounting/job costing software you have but we use Computer Ease and several years back we tried using ADP, it failed.   We are now using Computer Ease's app called Field Ease for electronic field timesheets.  It works great!  And using CE Payroll for outsourcing our payroll.  It has run smoothly from day one.  Possibly try contacting CE Payroll to see if they are compatible with your software.  Here is their contact info:

Chris Pelfrey


800-544-2530 Ext. 117

7601 Cheviot Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45247


Robin Clayton
Accounting Manager
Moore Erection, L.P.
Garden Ridge TX
(210) 648-7461

3.  RE: ADP Time & Attendance

Posted 04-20-2017 14:10
  We currently use ADP for Time and Attendance and for Payroll.  It did take quite a bit of time to set up, but we have built several custom interfaces from TCR (our field timesheets) to ADP Time and Attendance.  We have a traffic control division that are on several different certified jobs that are for a short period of time during any given day.  The interface works well after working with their support for a while.  Their time and attendance system also calculates the scale wages for all the varying jobs for our employees.  It is through their Wage Rate program - might be something to mention to their support.
  They also connected us with their certified payroll through IDI. It works ok, not great, but it does produce a LCP tracker file that we can upload to LCP Tracker if you all use that.

  Let me know if you have any other questions - hope this helps a little.

Emily Safford
Highway Supply
Albuquerque NM
(505) 345-8295


4.  RE: ADP Time & Attendance

Posted 04-20-2017 19:07

I have experience with ADP at a previous employer in wholesale distribution.  Their platform was ideal for that industry and the accounting software we used there.  However, ADP is neither very flexible nor well suited for a contracting and/or job costing environment.

In Facility Solutions Group's review of payroll servicing companies, ADP did not make it past the first cut for this reason.

That doesn't mean it can't work for you and your needs - anecdotal evidence is often erroneous - but hope my experience can be helpful for you.
If you have further questions I might be able to help with, feel free to message or email me.

Mike Bergeron
Director of Financial Planning & Analysis
Facility Solutions Group
Austin, TX

5.  RE: ADP Time & Attendance

Posted 04-21-2017 09:07
We use Sage 300 Construction with an ERP integration to Procore.  Once payroll is entered in job cost Sage and Procore sync so the information is showing in both places.  That has been a great feature but we need to take the manual entry out of entering payroll into Job Cost.  There are too many mistakes or errors that can happen having someone manually enter information we have already entered into two other systems.  Another issue with our field employees is that they put no effort in to find out what project they are on or what cost code they should be using for the day.

   The current set-up in Time & Attendance with ADP seems as if it could work for us and be implemented with both field and office employees.  Getting the feed back that it did take time to set up with other companies is reassuring that it might just take more time for us since this process is so new for our company and I am the only one trying to get it started.

Rich Schultz
A&E Construction Company
Drexel Hill, PA

6.  RE: ADP Time & Attendance

Posted 04-29-2017 23:18
ADP time is too costly. I have used ADP for payroll processing and hh2 for electronic time cards.

Angel Goldman CCIFP, MBA
Bartlett Brainard Eacott
Bloomfield CT
(860) 922-5009