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1.  Procore to Sage 100 Contractor

Posted 12 days ago
Currently we utilize PROCORE for all of our project management activities ie Contracts, Budgets, Subcontracts, Change Orders, POs.
Procore does not connect with Sage 100 Contractor.  While they have a Sage 300 link they I am sure they have little motivation to spend the money to develop the Sage 100 Contractor connection.

Procore did recommend a connector software, EI Dynamics.

We did have a demo last week and it looked quite interesting with a number of links for sharing of projects set up, project budgets, change order uploads, Subcontracts set up.  They stated they are working on the Commitment POs which should be functional in May.
The pricing seemed very reasonable with the amount of duplicate entry it could potential eliminate.

Has anyone installed this software?
Was EI flexible to work with and was the installation process relatively smooth?

Thank you,

Kenneth MacGregor CCIFP, CMA
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2.  RE: Procore to Sage 100 Contractor

Posted 11 days ago
Yes- unfortunately this has been happening since the birth of Windows 10 so for us, about 2 years.  But the fix works every time!!  Windows 10 updates seems to knock out a bunch of other things- including Sage folder permissions which can be super obnoxious.  Thanks for posting!

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3.  RE: Procore to Sage 100 Contractor

Posted 11 days ago
I have installed the Ei Dynamics Procore/Sage Data Sync and think its great. I would highly recommend it. I actually walked through it with our Procore Customer Success Team and they were very impressed with it, even saying that the Procore to Sage 300 integration does not have any connection on the Prime Contract, which the Ei Dynamics tool does.

Feel free to contact me directly with questions.

Sean Rafter CPA
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