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Subject: Construction ERP Options

1.  Construction ERP Options

Posted 06-12-2017 12:59
We are in the very early stages of selecting an ERP system.  We are a fairly new construction company focused on heavy civil construction projects.  We currently only have Quickbooks so  we need a new full service ERP system that includes accounting and finance capabilities (to replace Quickbooks).  I have narrowed the list of potential options to Foundation, Procore, Vista by Viewpoint, and Spectrum by Dexter+Chaney.  We are starting out small but want a software that can grow with us without costing us a fortune up front.  Any advice you can provide on these options is much appreciated and if there are any other software systems that I should add to the list please let me know.


Daniel Keaton
Hawk Industries Holding Company, LLC
Baton Rouge LA
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2.  RE: Construction ERP Options

Posted 06-13-2017 07:53
We converted from Foundation to Spectrum earlier this year.  We have been very pleased with Spectrum's job costing capabilities.  While we "outgrew" Foundation, I firmly believe Spectrum will be the last construction software we will purchase.

Deborah Henderson
Southeastern Site Development Inc
Newnan GA
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3.  RE: Construction ERP Options

Posted 06-13-2017 07:58

I'm pretty bullish on Foundation, particularly on the affordability side of things.  They've got a very good product for labor intensive contractors.



Robert McManus

Chief Financial Officer

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4.  RE: Construction ERP Options

Posted 06-13-2017 08:39
We have been using Foundation for 6 1/2 years. Our revenues were in the $10 million range then and now in the mid $70 millions. We use Foundation to prepare our payroll in house, and now have about 320 employees. With the number of jobs in multiple states, WC codes and cost codes, we started using MJobTime a couple of years ago for timekeeping and it imports quickly into Foundation. For a number of years, we had a separate program for our equipment maintenance but are now looking into the Foundation module. We also recently added the document imaging module (should have done that years ago) and so far, no problems with the system slowing down from over use.

If you have any other questions about Foundation, I would be happy to discuss.

Christopher Ciccone CPA
CFO / Controller
Horne Brothers Construction, Inc.
Fayetteville NC
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5.  RE: Construction ERP Options

Posted 06-13-2017 09:22

Have you looked at Computer Guidance's eCMS?


Luther Burrell

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Ivey Mechanical Company

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6.  RE: Construction ERP Options

Posted 06-13-2017 11:04
Be sure to include Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate in your evaluations. Sage 100 Contractor is fairly inexpensive yet covers a lot of the needed aspects of a growing contractor from cost codes and estimating to job costing. Take a look here for overviews.  Sage 300 CRE is much more robust and is used by many of the largest construction contractors in the US. Plus there is a growth path with services, paperless, project management, estimating and cloud based operations.

Phil Bride MBA
Business Management Consultant, Sage Consultant
Beaverton OR
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7.  RE: Construction ERP Options

Posted 06-13-2017 12:20
We have been using eCMS by Computer Guidance Corp for 4 years and it fit our company with some of the same decision point as you listed (primarily value) . We are moving to their SAAS enviroment this month to ease the IT burden of managing in house. We really stressed the idea of staying with a company that had integrated accounting and operations functionality and it hasn't let us down.

Mark Smith CPA
Vice President, Finance
TN Ward Company
Ardmore PA
(610) 649-0400

8.  RE: Construction ERP Options

Posted 06-14-2017 11:53

I'd suggest that before you go shopping for systems that you first develop a list of requirements then go match those requirements against what's available. Spending time upfront developing a "future state" will save you a lot of time as you evaluate and weed through the myriad of possibilities out there. It will also keep you focused on what's important to your business and not what ERP systems say is important. At your company size you probably don't need to do this but here at Pavement Recycling Systems we spent six months with a team of almost 20 people from all areas of the company developing a future state and going through an evaluation process that led to the ERP system that we are now implementing. I'd be more than happy to share our experience and methodology, with you or anyone else in this forum, which you would need to adapt for your size, complexity, and available resources. I can be reached at the number below or by email at

Nathan Beyler CPA
Chief Financial Officer
Pavement Recycling Systems, Inc.
Jurupa Valley CA
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9.  RE: Construction ERP Options

Posted 06-16-2017 12:30

I agree with Nathan.  If you don't first identify your unique requirements, the process becomes a beauty contest.  It gets down to who you like best, not which is the best solution for your company.  I will tell you that all of the systems will likely demonstrate well.  It is a demo environment that is tailored to showing the product.  The process I recommend is to first identify your requirements. There are a number of steps that should follow this.  Remember that you don't do this every day. Also remember that if you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.  You will be living with your decision for at least ten years.  You only have one opportunity to get it right.   Feel free to contact me to discuss this further if you desire.

Mark Raper CPA, CCIFP
Lockhart & Associates, LLC
Dothan AL
(301) 788-7582

10.  RE: Construction ERP Options

Posted 06-14-2017 15:11
Hi Daniel,

Vista by Viewpoint should be considered.  It can be helpful to get input from an independent consultant prior to making this kind of important decision including things to be aware of prior to doing any demonstrations and more.   It could be to our mutual benefit to schedule a call when convenient.

Best Regards,

Sandrah Vittands MBA - Project Management
Ceo And Lead Consultant, Llc. dba S&B Systems, LLC
Okemos MI
(248) 736-9788

11.  RE: Construction ERP Options

Posted 06-15-2017 07:18

Sandrah helped our company tremendously in implementing Vista as well as assisting us in other applications and process decisions. Besides choosing an ERP system you also need to focus on the right internal and external resources to make the endeavor a successful one. If you have any questions let me know.

Paul West
Director of Enterprise Applications
The Middlesex Corporation

Paul West
Director of Enterprise Applications
The Middlesex Companies
Orlando FL
(407) 206-0077

12.  RE: Construction ERP Options

Posted 06-19-2017 10:44
Vista by Viewpoint is an excellent choice.  Very powerful, flexible.  Modern, solid database structure.

Peter Lowry CPA, CCIFP
Chief Financial Officer
Charter Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
Portland OR
(503) 806-0730

13.  RE: Construction ERP Options

Posted 06-18-2017 21:26
I would rank Spectrum first.  A few clients of mine use their system and actual know the system.

Most products (Viewpoint and others) look nice but my clients never seem to be able to use them and actual get data out of the system.  Support is terrible and the systems never get set up correctly.  Then you are stuck with a product that is sub par and never can get it to work correctly.

Foundation is good if you work with Brian Cancian their best consultant.  I had a client that he helped fix their system after a bad implementation.

Michael Beaver CCIFP
Conway Mackenzie
New York NY
(212) 586-2200

14.  RE: Construction ERP Options

Posted 06-19-2017 09:11
​Take a look at Computerease

Kelly Melcher
Highland Builders, Inc
Dallas TX

15.  RE: Construction ERP Options

Posted 06-19-2017 11:51
We have been using Spectrum since 2012 and love it!  D+C have outstanding customer service!  You also have several different report writing options.  I can put you into contact with our sales manager if you are interested.

Tracy Rasmussen
Senior Accountant
Building Controls and Services
Wichita KS
(316) 267-5814

16.  RE: Construction ERP Options

Posted 06-19-2017 12:29

Feel free to reach out if you would like to discuss RedTeam Software. We have integrated accounting and construction project management. RedTeam also is connected with Quickbooks Online and we have clients as large as $250m using it with great success.

Frederic Guitton

Fred Guitton
Chief Revenue Officer
Redteam Software
Orlando FL
(407) 781-1500