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Visiting project sites

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    Posted 4 days ago
    There's often a disconnect between the field and the office. While I see many CFMA members teaching the basics of finance to their project managers, I don't hear much about the reverse scenario.
    When was the last time you, the controller or CFO, visited a job site?  What did you learn? Did you observe anything that inspired you to change processes or implement a new procedure? Share your best takeaways.

    Carol Hagen
    Chandler AZ
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    Posted 3 days ago
    Actually walked a job site on my way in this morning. I try to hit three to four a week, so that I can at least see every job over $100k we do.
    Typical discussion with foremen on project are:

    -Any personnel issues?
    -Is schedule still accurate/on target?
    -Are there any significant quantity changes from estimate?

    We have one job going that involved installing a new product, so we have had a lot of R&D time, which I hope to get a tax credit on. Working with the guys to segregate their cost and time on this job due to the new product is the biggest lesson learned in the last few months.

    Alex Lee CPA/CITP, CCIFP
    Roy T. Goodwin Contractors, Inc.
    Nashville TN
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    Posted 3 days ago
    Great question, Carol!

    While I don't get out to job sites all that often, the few times that I have been have been very insightful for me. It's always interesting and fun to see the true "work in progress" as the job is going on. I wouldn't say I've learned a whole lot as far as technical stuff goes, but big picture stuff. Big equipment or processes.

    More frequently I go out to our Fab Shop and take a walk around with the owner of the company. Seeing what we are building and pre-fabricating before it goes out to the field has been insightful as well. As part of the management team, being able to understand big picture concepts as part of a discussion goes a long way.

    Leila Bennett-Snow CPA
    Strategic Mechanical Inc.
    Fresno CA
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    Posted 11 hours ago
    I had set a goal to visit a job site once per month. I am not currently on pace to meet that goal. I've visited jobs 3 of the last 5 months and have one scheduled for later this week. When I visit a job site I have 5 categories that I inquire about. 1) Marketability opportunities of the project 2) Superintendent status or morale. 3) Any client concerns 4) Risks specific to the project, what is the single largest current issue 5) status of the schedule.

    David Miller CCIFP, CRIS, CTP
    Cfo / Treasurer
    Jokake Construction Services, Inc.
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