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Posted 07-12-2017 09:08
Hello -

We are a GC with revenues under $100m. Recently, we have decided to move to a new ERP system and are choosing between the following:

  • Spectrum (Dexter Chaney)
  • Foundation
  • Viewpoint
If money was no object, what software would you recommend that is best for "back office" functions? Project Management functions?

I realize there have been multiple discussions on this, simply wanted to gain any new input.


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Posted 07-13-2017 08:25

We have just gone through our search for a new ERP system, and we evaluated the three systems on your list as well as several others.  If money is no object, then I would suggest you take a look at the most robust system we found and take a look at Coins.  Coins provides greater flexibility, ease of use and a magnificent access to data.  If you have any interest or any questions, please let me know, and I will give you the contact information for our sales rep.

Best of Luck,

George Fernandez
Ermco, Inc.
Indianapolis IN
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Posted 07-13-2017 10:27
I would suggest Viewpoint.  I've worked with it for over 10 years, both as a controller for a $350M regional GC and a subcontractor.  It is very flexible and integrates well with Textura and other third-party software.  Also, Viewpoint just bought D&C, so who know what Spectrum's life expectancy will be.

Good luck with your software conversion.

Peter Lowry CPA, CCIFP
Chief Financial Officer
Charter Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
Portland OR
(503) 806-0730

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Posted 07-13-2017 11:44
Hi Arthur,

I would suggest at least adding Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate to your list for review. It has a robust reputation with a large customer base building projects of all sizes. And there are lots of new mobile capabilities being added.

There are lots of modules and add-ons that give you access to very robust estimating, BIM, takeoff plus mobile services, project management, time management and more.

Take a look at Construction Management Software - Sage CRE | Sage US  or let me know and I can connect you to get more info.

Phil Bride BSEE, MBA
Business Management and Sage Consultant
Beaverton OR
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Posted 07-13-2017 23:43
Each of us will have our favorite.  If money is no object, then I would agree with previous gentleman, that COINS, should at least be evaluated.  It is very robust, very good support.  I have worked with cos. as big as 500 million and small as 10 million.  Viewpoint, Coins , JD Edwards, ComputerEase, Microsoft Dynamics SL and Timberline(Sage ?) are all applications I have used.  Coins has been , in my opinion, the best for the GC Construction, Sub-Contractor.

Bryan Duncan

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Sugar Land TX
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Posted 07-14-2017 08:48

Our company is also in the process of vetting a new ERP system.  We have 6 months of time and countless hours invested in a thorough analysis of our existing system (SAGE 300 CRE) and other ERP solutions.  I would recommend avoiding Sage - especially if your business decision is motivated by: (1) mobility; (2) production tracking; and (3) collaboration.  Sage is not performing well for us.  Its Bolt-On product model (e.g., Office Connector, My Assistant, Timberscan) rarely works as advertised.  So-called "standard product features" do not work in our environment and countless hours vested in consultants, training, and IT support have resulted in an unsustainable web of products bridging various gaps.  Its disappointing at best.  Following our research, Viewpoint emerged as the best fit for our business.  We are currently completing the ROI process to determine whether the cost justifies the investment.

I am happy to discuss  this further with anyone who wants to have the discussion.  Call me at the number below if you are interested.

Joshua Brotemarkle
CFO | General Counsel
LS Black Constructors, Inc.
St. Paul MN
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Posted 07-15-2017 08:09

This response is mainly to the recent posts of Joshua and Arthur.  We are a longtime user of Sage 300 and are currently using most of the "bolt on" features that Joshua mentioned, including office connector, timberscan and my assistant.  We added these products, along with some self-developed options that tie in thru the backdoor of ODBC, over the course of about 10 years, and have had success using each.  I can definitely see where you could have some extreme frustration trying to get all of them up and running in an overlapping timeframe.  Each is finicky and reliant on specific ODBC settings, settings and versions within Microsoft office, and each can have performance issues linking with Sage.  Most of my integrations work mainly because I keep my citrix Office version several years behind to avoid Microsoft conflicts.

We are also in the process of evaluating different packages, as we have shifted from Sage's PJ module to Procore as our primary project management tool.  From what we have seen, I think that Spectrum is the most friendly option out there if you are looking to be more mobile and looking for flexibility, although I am curious to see how the transaction with Viewpoint last week impacts the development of the program.  Viewpoint is likely second in that regards, and it is my understanding that they are trying to work to be more web-based.  Sage has always been a reliable "stable" platform for us, but it has seemed to wither  on the vine for the past 5-6 years and these other packages have passed it by.  I know they are working to make some major platform changes, but I have never seen them adapt and move quickly enough in the +/-17 years I have been working with them.

If I were starting from scratch today and had the budget to afford it, Spectrum would be my choice. 


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Posted 07-16-2017 02:47

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Posted 07-17-2017 08:45

I have to agree with most of the comments about Sage. We've been using it for twenty years and are wedded to it, at this point. The cost and benefit of switching is not something I can sell to myself, but if I were making the software choice at this date, I would not choose Sage. From what I've seen Viewpoint looks pretty good.



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Posted 07-18-2017 12:03

We were on Sage Timberline Office (300) for years.  We switched to Sage Timberline Enterprise, which was not a good program.  When they finally decided to stop putting money into it 4 years later, they pulled the plug and we were forced to switch to a new software.  We evaluated many programs including Dexter & Chaney's Spectrum, Viewpoint, Foundation and even considered returning to Sage 300.  After a lengthy process, we chose Spectrum and have been very happy with the results for the Accounting Dept. and Project Accounting.  I think it could be stronger for Project Management, but they are working on it.  I believe Viewpoint may be stronger in the Project Management side, but they are also more expensive.  I heard that Viewpoint just bought Dexter & Chaney so I would expect more improvements in both programs.


Debbie Russell




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Posted 07-18-2017 14:38

Sage is investing in a multi-faceted re-architecting project for Sage 300 CRE (formerly Timberline Office) product.  This will ultimately result in multiple mobile services, a new web based user interface and a SQL database backend to Sage's flagship 300 CRE product.  The upcoming release of 17.1 from Sage CRE, along with its mobile projects service, is the first delivery of the re-architecting project.  A full SQL reporting capability will be delivered this summer along with the first field mobility apps for project management.  This adds to the mobility already in market with Sage Service Operations and Sage Construction Project Center, both cloud based field operation systems.


Jon Witty                                                                         Dennis Stejskal

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Dennis Stejskal
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Posted 07-14-2017 09:05
​If the decision criteria is low cost and ease of use, then I would suggest Foundations.  We have used Foundations for several years with multiple companies and intercompany transactions. Foundations does not do a great job in terms of consolidating multiple companies in the same database.  However, I have found that it is very easy to use and the cost of implementation would be much less compared to your other considerations.

Pete Sacripanti CPA
GeoConstructors, Inc.
Purcellville VA
(703) 771-9847

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Posted 07-17-2017 11:03
I would invite you to evaluate RedTeam Software. We are a Florida base complete project management/ construction accounting software with a robust mobile platform. Because the software integrates project accounting and construction management it effectively eliminates the need for expensive accounting software. We even have clients with over $200m in revenue running on QBO/ RedTeam seamlessly.
Since the software was built by general contractors out of need our clients often comment on how intuitive to solution is and they love how affordable we are too.

Fred Guitton
Chief Revenue Officer
Redteam Software
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Posted 07-28-2017 13:14
Edited by Frank Di Lorenzo 07-31-2017 12:25
Hello my fellow CFMA Members,

I am a fairly new member of the COINS team, and would like to quickly share my experience and "why COINS".

I have been a proud member of CFMA for 27 years, and have 32 years of experience with Construction ERP Solution Implementations.  I've had the pleasure of owning a Sage 300 (Timberline) VAR for 17 years, and have spent several years as an independent consultant assisting contractors with their ERP selection.   Over the years, I've learned that there are several factors that have a huge impact on an successful long-term partnership with your solution provider:

     - Technology - is the solution evolving with emerging technologies?
     - Functionality - does the solution have the right feature set to solve your key business needs?
     - Culture - is the company culture in alignment with yours and is an outfit you would like to maintain a long-term partnership with?
     - People - are you working with a team that will support and take care of you now and in the foreseeable future?

During my time as an independent consultant, I got to know COINS and was able to check the boxes on the four items above.  COINS seeks to partner with the right companies, and maintains consistent and measured growth through selectively implementing "best fit" companies that COINS can truly help.

I'm not suggesting COINS is right for you, just that you simply take a look if you have not seen COINS before.  If you'd like to learn a bit more about the good culture at COINS, check out the COINS Foundation at - a force for good!

Kind regards,

Frank Di Lorenzo BS Computer Science
Regional Sales Director
COINS - Construction Industry Solutions
Fair Oaks CA
(916) 666-8873

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Posted 08-04-2017 13:45
So after reading all your comments. I didn't see anyone mention ProContractor.  Any reason why? Has anyone used it? If so, what's your experiences?

David Cruce
General Manager
CENCAL Demolition Inc
Fresno CA
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