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Are you optimizing for the future or the present?

  • 1.  Are you optimizing for the future or the present?

    Posted 06-11-2018 12:24
    A profound message was shared at the  ENRFutureTech summit last week:

    "I don't care that your company is using technology... silos of excellence are not going to solve the challenges in our industry, it's going to take a collaborative digital transformation" Steve Jones

    Just a few weeks before Greg Satell shared "If You Don't Explore, You Won't Invent And You Will Be Disrupted" on his blog, Digital Tonto.

    Efficiency is often considered to be the best way to boost productivity.  Systems and optimization are old friends but there is an optimization trap.  Are you actively seeking out problems to solve or are you just improving on existing metrics?  You must considered how the future will be different and recognize that the pace of change is only increasing in velocity.

    The CFMA Conference in Miami is just a few weeks away and you know that there are a few fabulous tech topics to attend and surely great discussions to follow.  If you aren't coming, how are you preparing for disruption?  How are you preparing your team?  If you're following the crowd, you're likely struggling to keep up.  Automation, the Internet of Things (IOT), Machine Learning, Big Data, Blockchain, etc.,  they're approaching like a freight train.

    I'll be in Miami for the #CFMCONF​ and would love to chat with you in person.  If you won't be there feel free to reach out on the Connection Cafe,, email, or tweet to me on Twitter (@carolhagen).

    Carol Hagen
    Chandler AZ
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  • 2.  RE: Are you optimizing for the future or the present?

    Posted 06-12-2018 07:23
    Thank you for sharing Carol.
    I love the extreme truth and transparency calling out 'silos of excellence' as the oxymoron it is.

    We build on truth so we can have truth in build and THIS is truth. I am officially a fan.

    Chad Pearson
    Director of Business Development
    (416) 574-1677