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1.  Cloud Based ERP Systems

Posted 14 days ago

Does anyone use a true cloud based ERP system?  If so, who are you using and has it been a favorable experience?


Viewpoint (our current ERP) has recently advertised that they now have that capability but upon further review it's really just a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) that creates virtual desktops in your office. 




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2.  RE: Cloud Based ERP Systems

Posted 13 days ago
We use Spectrum by Dexter + Chaney, it is 100% cloud based.  It has been a very favorable experience.  Dexter and Chaney also gives you the option to host your own server or let them host your data.  You can contact our Regional Sales Manager:

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3.  RE: Cloud Based ERP Systems

Posted 13 days ago
Dexter-Chaney is now a Viewpoint Company.

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4.  RE: Cloud Based ERP Systems

Posted 11 days ago
To my knowledge, the three main systems in the construction space that are truly cloud based, and by that I mean accessible via browser and not remote desktop, are Dexter and Chaney (recently acquired Viewpoint), COINS, and CMiC.  There may be more, but these are the ones I see most often in the Construction space.

Each system has its own strengths, but the one thing they all have is that you don't need to load software onto your client machine in order to run the software--just open a browser and go--the same way you would log into Facebook, Linkedin, or even your bank.

You also asked for feedback on whether it is a favorable experience.  Which, based on the fact that I work for one of the companies listed above, I feel I should leave that answer to the people who use the software every day.  However, I will offer that the industry is moving more and more towards browser based applications.

In fact, I would ask you when you heard of anyone introducing a new Windows only application?  Can you think of any over the past couple years?  I am sure there are some, but the trend is definitely in the downward direction.  So the real question becomes if Windows will even be relevant in near future, or will it just exist to run more legacy type applications?

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5.  RE: Cloud Based ERP Systems

Posted 11 days ago
​This is certainly a question that comes up regularly in most software evaluations and is critical to consider when making a long-term ERP decision.  I believe the question is a bit more complex than " is the software web or SaaS based".   It seems that the terms "web" and "browser" are used interchangeably, where they have different definitions.  In addition, the terms "web" and "SaaS" are used together when they have different definitions.   The strict definition of SaaS relates to applications that are centrally hosted, sold exclusively as a service and have a multi-tenant architecture (i.e. Salesforce, etc.).

The more important question may relate to what kind of user experience is available based on the construction role.   All applications must be able to be deployed over the web (this is table stakes), but the UI may change based on the role and the location.  We call this the "right tool for the job".  In the Office, the need is for high transaction volume processing and speed.   Windows or browser-based applications that can be deployed over a secured network are found here.  I would submit that people still gravitate to Windows applications for heavy use cases.   The best example is MS Outlook.  We all have access to the web version of Outlook, but the Windows version is still popular because it is more responsive (and it runs over the web).

Field personnel need easy to use mobile apps that can run on multiple devices and operating systems.  They typically want the ability to run off-line, when connections aren't available.   The move has been away from browser applications which require connectivity and don't have the ability to easily adjust for form factor (phone, tablet).  This is called responsive design and is built natively into most current mobile applications.  Vendors should be using a mobile app development environment that allows them to write one set of code and deploy most of the code for Android, IOS and Windows.

The last use case is a collaborative (or Team) user.   These users need access anywhere and need real time collaboration on project workflows (i.e. RFIs, other docs).  For this application, browser and mobile applications make the most sense.

I apologize for being long-winded here, but their are many options available and it is critical to match the right tool for the role and work required.  Its all about efficiency, productivity and ultimately ROI.

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6.  RE: Cloud Based ERP Systems

Posted 10 days ago
I would take a good look at Coins, seems like a good system 100% cloud based. As I understand how they are set up and talking with different people while on the road at different shows they likely would be the top contender.

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7.  RE: Cloud Based ERP Systems

Posted 9 days ago



Explorer Eclipse is a completely browser-based ERP solution that is offered as a site-based or SaaS installation. Eclipse core includes job cost accounting, payroll, project management, and business analytics that allows users to customize all of the standard reports and dashboards. Document management and workflow includes invoice routing & approval and the ability to create and track submittals, RFIs, and change requests. Eclipse runs on a Windows Server and a SQL database. Please contact me if you would like to learn more about Eclipse.


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8.  RE: Cloud Based ERP Systems

Posted 10 days ago

Computer Guidance also provides a cloud based option as well.


We have used their system for over 25 years as an on premise system, but the same system is offered as a cloud based option.




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9.  RE: Cloud Based ERP Systems

Posted 9 days ago


My name is Darlene T. Moore, I am the Executive Vice President of WIMCO Corporation, located in Washington, NC. I read your posting and wanted to share our story of how WIMCO became a hosted customer and that the system we chose, Computer Guidance's eCMS ERP system, is a true 'cloud-based' system. 

I started with WIMCO in January 1977- so I can honestly say that from its very beginning, WIMCO has owned all of its computer systems and they were all housed in our main office building.  Although I was hired to the accounting department, like many small businesses, staff members have to take on multiple roles - IT was one of mine. Those duties placed me at the forefront of every system upgrade for both hardware and software that occurred during my 40+ years of employment here. 

WIMCO uses the accounting and project management solutions from Computer Guidance Corporation called eCMS (Electronic Construction Management System).  Computer Guidance is based in Scottsdale, AZ.  We've been their customer since the early 1980s and have been running various versions of their software on our 'in-house' systems ever since. 

But as the years passed, somewhere around 2012 - 2013, I started thinking about my eventual retirement... and how best to prepare WIMCO for my departure.  I looked at our current staff members to see if there was anyone that could become care-taker of our in-house system.  Although we have a lot of talented, smart, energetic people - each being an expert in their own field, there was no one to take on the extremely important and ever-increasing role of maintaining our mainframe system. Our company was growing rapidly and we were quickly approaching the need to upgrade our hardware to keep up with that growth.

So in the summer of 2013, I was fortunate enough to tour the Avnet I/O Data Center located in Mesa, AZ where Computer Guidance stores their SaaS Customers' systems.  The level of security, professionalism, and not to mention cleanliness of that data center left me speechless. Computer Guidance blends the latest technologies from IBM and Microsoft to ensure a stable, yet open, SQL platform which yields the industry's highest system uptime, most scalable, most secure and most compatible solution available. CGC's data centers and their managed hosting services are both Sarbanes Oxley compliant and have been for years with an annual audit. The Avnet data centers are not only state-of-the-art, when it comes to security, system, app, and software monitoring, but they offer full redundancy and a variety of hosting options for your specific needs and they are backed by IBM.

With the knowledge gained from the tour, I presented WIMCO's owners with two proposals. The first proposal showed the pros and cons of purchasing a new system and all the costs associated with its setup, software installation, licensing, warranties, and maintenance. The second proposal showed the pros and cons of moving WIMCO to a truly 'Cloud-based' system.  Needless to say, my recommendation was, and WIMCO chose, Computer Guidance SaaS.  

CGC's ERP Hosted systems are truly 'cloud based' systems.  There is NO software to install on any of our computers.  All we need is an Internet connection, browser, and URL address and our users can work.  It doesn't matter if the browser is Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or others. It works on computers, tablets, iPads, and iPhones.  If one of our computers goes down...all we need to do is get another computer, enter the URL in the browser and that's it. You can save the URL to your Favorites or create a shortcut on the desktop for easy access. Because of CGC's built-in security structure, users can even access our system on public computers whether at Starbucks, airports, or in libraries.  Disaster recovery is included.  With real-time replication of WIMCO's data to a system located in a Data Center in Atlanta, GA - in a disaster situation, whether natural or man-made, and we're not able to connect to the Avnet I/O center in Mesa, we simply change the URL or IP address in our browsers and connect to the system located in Atlanta Data Center and – boom - we're up and running.  This is truly how a 'cloud-based' system is supposed to work.

We went live on SaaS on April 19, 2015. And for one annual fee, we now are able to run our business using top of the line power systems that can grow with us. No hardware to buy. We can use the system at any time, from anywhere, and even more...CGC takes care of everything. WIMCO doesn't perform ANY maintenance thereby solving WIMCO's future IT staffing delimma.  Every upgrade to the system is announced, scheduled, and completed by certified IBM and Microsoft professionals, and WIMCO is free to do what we do best - build buildings.  Hope this helps!!!  -  Darlene

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10.  RE: Cloud Based ERP Systems

Posted 10 days ago
My company went live with CMiC's cloud software January of 2015. I'd be happy to answer any specific questions via telephone on our experience. I'm not sure how Dexter Chaney, Viewpoint or Coins operate but from a cloud prospective the biggest change for us was not owning your software ie: sharing with other cloud clients. Any software programming changes affects all clients.

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11.  RE: Cloud Based ERP Systems

Posted 7 days ago
I would also be interested in hearing any success stories with a cloud based system. We are currently on Sage 300 and have recently implemented a remote payroll process using HH2 which we really like. This has caused us to start looking at other third party vendors who offer products for AP, HR, etc. but before we know it we will have five separate 3rd party modules and the price of the total system will be very high. Is there a cloud based system that offers things like remote payroll, AP or HR scanning, and paperless solutions as one all encompassing system?

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