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  • 1.  CCIFP

    Posted 01-04-2018 18:59
    Hi All,

    I am new to CFMA and have been looking into the certification and getting my CCIFP.  Many I have noticed in discussions have this distinction.  What avenues has this opened for individuals and the company they work for?  I don't mind the study time and taking the test, but I want to make sure it will help my employers not just cost them.

    Thanks for any information.

    Shirley Williams
    Project Accountant
    Proset Construction Inc.
    Montrose CO

  • 2.  RE: CCIFP

    Posted 01-05-2018 08:31
    Edited by Steve Hathaway 01-05-2018 08:32
    Being that you are in Montrose, I would recommend you try to attend the CCIFP Review Seminar in Denver on Saturday, January 13th.  There will a number if CCIFP's there that you can speak with about the certification.  More information on this event can be found here.

    Steve Hathaway MS, ECM-P, BCM-P
    Chief Financial Officer
    SEMA Construction, Inc.
    Centennial CO
    (303) 627-2600

  • 3.  RE: CCIFP

    Posted 01-11-2018 08:04
    The class that was referred to in Denver is closed.  Is that because it is full or because it is this weekend and its to late to register?

    Amy Rines
    Colarelli Construction
    Colorado Springs CO
    (719) 475-7997

  • 4.  RE: CCIFP

    Posted 02-07-2018 09:48
    I also posed this question, but in addition:
    1. Did you use your work hours, or get your Bachelors?
    2. If you self studied, what did you focus on?
    3. How long did it take you to study / take the exam?

    Tori Wagner
    Fleming Complete
    Mesa AZ
    (480) 237-0765

  • 5.  RE: CCIFP

    Posted 01-05-2018 10:42
    Hello Shirley,
    Having recently worked with over a dozen CCIFP volunteers to improve CFMA's CCIFP Overview Seminar and reconstruct the CCIFP Study Guide, I can tell you their dedication to professional development was demonstrable.  If you'd like me to put you in touch with a couple of them to discuss their experience, please let me know:  Meanwhile, you can go here to learn more about CCIFP Certification Information and specifically the Benefits of Certification.  We also invite you to visit the Institute's website: ICCIFP Home | ANSI Accredited Construction Financial Professional Certification.

    Elizabeth Lachowicz
    Instructional Designer
    Princeton NJ
    (609) 452-8000

  • 6.  RE: CCIFP

    Posted 01-05-2018 11:31
    My only advice on this is TAKE IT.  This is hugely valuable to your company in that you will be that much more proficient in your field, specific to the construction arena.  More importantly, your personal development and resume can only benefit from this certification.  I have not been a practicing accountant for over 20 years but have maintained my CPA & CCIFP licenses, which my employers have supported without exception and value those credentials enormously.  Specific to the CCIFP, I took away much more than I thought I would and it has opened up educational, speaking and many other opportunities that would never have occurred without it, much to the benefit of my employer(s) but mainly to me professionally.

    Marc Hendrikson CPA, CGMA, CCIFP
    Senior Vice President
    Citywide Banks
    Denver CO
    (720) 873-3754

  • 7.  RE: CCIFP

    Posted 01-05-2018 12:23

    The certification lets everyone know that you have a level of knowledge and experience in construction accounting that is significant.  A bank looking to provide your company with credit can feel confident they are dealing with a company whose CFM is a knowledgeable professional.  Same thing for sureties.  When I had to testify at an arbitration, our attorney made a point of having me discuss the designation that I had which the other side's accountants did not have.  (As an aside, we won the arbitration).  Your company should be proud that their CFM has the designation.

    Best of luck with it.


    Kevin Foley CCIFP, CPA
    Chief Financial Officer
    Madison Concrete Construction
    Malvern, PA
    (215) 768-1053

  • 8.  RE: CCIFP

    Posted 01-10-2018 10:29

    ​I find the CCIFP curriculum to be very good coverage of the body of knowledge that a construction accountant should possess.

    Its focus is targeted to what we do as construction accountants.

    I greatly recommend it to you.  I think it will broaden your knowledge, peak you interest to learn more in certain areas, and without a doubt provide value for your employer.

    Go for it!


    Insulations, Inc.
    Harahan LA
    (504) 293-4215

  • 9.  RE: CCIFP

    Posted 01-11-2018 02:01

    The CCIFP is a certification that one has, and maintains, the requisite knowledge to be a construction professional. For me, it links me and calls me to a high standard of professionalism and motivates me to live that standard every day.

    Can I put a dollar and cents value to that? No. But one can not put a tangible value to professionalism. It is who I am, and that, along with all the others in my company is what makes a company great. 

    Timothy Mickunas CPA, CCIFP, CRIS
    Chief Financial Officer
    D. Wilson Construction Company
    McAllen TX
    (956) 686-9573

  • 10.  RE: CCIFP

    Posted 01-11-2018 08:14
    Hi Shirley,

    I would strongly endorse the CCIFP certification as well.

    While going through the study material, you will notice alot of practical tips, process, and articles which you can use to benefit your current employer.  The material has greatly increased my knowledge of contracts, planning, and even things that may seem obvious, but use a refresher like - what should an HR file contain?

    I would also encourage you do it for personal growth reasons.  To me, the CCIFP distinction makes you much more marketable in the industry.

    Best of luck!

    Dan Harris, CPA, CCIFP
    Tandem Construction
    Sarasota FL
    (941) 954-1599

  • 11.  RE: CCIFP

    Posted 01-11-2018 10:39
    I strongly agree with all the previous positive comments.   By becoming a CCIFP you will demonstrate a professional comment and mastery that will serve you well for the rest of your career.

    Herb Brownett CCIFP
    Brownett & Associates LLC
    West Chester PA
    (610) 823-7615

  • 12.  RE: CCIFP

    Posted 01-12-2018 08:03

    Obtaining the CCIFP certification will provide you with a unique skill set and a broad base of knowledge within the industry.  The benefits outweigh the costs and fosters continuous growth through continuing education.

    Mark Kutzer CCIFP
    Assistant Controller
    VRH Construction
    Englewood NJ
    (201) 871-4422

  • 13.  RE: CCIFP

    Posted 02-06-2018 15:26
    I see a number of you are also CPA's.  Obviously CPA certification requires CPE credits each renewal, and the CCIFP also has education requirements - is there any overlap here, or do you now have do both?

    Deanna Burroughs CPA
    Director of Finance
    Battaglia Electric, Inc.
    New Castle DE
    (302) 325-6100