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Health Care Coverage like big companies at small company costs

  • 1.  Health Care Coverage like big companies at small company costs

    Posted 05-15-2018 11:22
    ​I don't know if this will help anyone but our company is located in Ohio and we heard about this from (ABC) Associated Builders and Contractors.
    Anyway if you are looking into health insurance for your employees, this would be a great place to start for health insurance needs.

    When we were at 30 employees we wanted to offer health insurance but the only quotes we were getting were high deductible or HSA plans, that were not very affordable. We are a member of ABC the Dayton Chapter and they suggested we contact Employee benefits. You do not have to be a member of ABC to contact Employee Benefits. They combined us in a group type plan with other small companies to provide big company benefits with small company prices. This has been a HUGE benefit to our employees to have an HMO/PPO type plan through United Healthcare where they have just a deductible for doctor visits and well visits covered 100%.  We also provided our employees an option to add dental, vision, life, and short term disability through Principal at great rates as well. This is our second year on this insurance and our employees really like it and the fact that it is coverage they will use that is affordable. We now have 43 employees and this company has been an amazing resource and has excellent customer service too. So many of our employees have come to us and said that our coverage it better and costs the same or less than what their spouse has, pretty good for a small town, small general contractor that must compete with bigger city contractors in larger cities in Ohio.

    Below is our contact at Employee Benefits if you are interested in contacting them.  I am sharing this because it has been huge for us and our employees. Let me know if you have any questions.  I get no incentives by providing this either. I recently was talking to a company that is in the construction field and provided coverage for their employees that cost more than what our employees pay and they get insurance where they have to pay a large deductible first before having any coverage and after that is only covered by a percentage. Then they offered an HSA for employees to put money into to help cover costs.  If they would look into this, it would save their company and employees a lot of out of pocket money and give them something they can use to stay healthy not just for emergencies. Hope this helps you become more competitive in the marketplace and have better retention of your employees.


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    Posted 05-16-2018 16:43

    I agree totally with Cheryl's review of the ABC group.  We went with them the end of last year and they were great.  They don't have an office here in Houston but they flew in from Virginia to speak to all of our employees and they were easy to contact and very eager to help all along the process of moving to them.


    They told me recently that they want to come to Houston to speak to other company's about their products so if anyone is interested in them please let me know and I can give you their contact information or give them yours.



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