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Construction Accounting Software

  • 1.  Construction Accounting Software

    Posted 02-27-2018 15:53

    Our Company is looking to migrate from our current Sage 100 software to a more robust system, preferably one with integration with Procore.


    Does anyone have any recommendations or experience with either Dexter & Chaney Spectrum or CMiC?


    Thankyou in advance.


    Ali Cardella                  


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    Posted 02-28-2018 08:51
    We are interested in migrating from Sage 100 as well and in getting any feedback on CMiC, Dexter & Chaney Spectrum and Acumatica.

    Cristina Trabada
    Thornton Construction Company, Inc.
    Miami FL
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    Posted 02-28-2018 08:54
    Sage 300 CRE works with Procore.  Procore has had integration with Sage for several years.

    William Kormoski
    President, Sage 300 CRE Consultant
    Kormoski & Associates LLC
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    Posted 03-01-2018 07:50
    Have you looked in to Foundation Software for construction?  If so, what are your thoughts?

    Ali - Are you currently using Procore?

    Teresa Cockeram
    Dagostino Electronic Services
    Pittsburgh PA

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    Posted 02-28-2018 09:36
    I work for a concrete construction subcontractor and we recently converted from Management Suite  to Spectrum.  Overall, I'm happy with the software.  On the plus side, it's browser based so there's no workstation configurations to maintain and access to the program from outside the office is seamless; all of the reports can be exported into a variety of formats; it handles union payroll well and provides good controls on what gets posted to a job.  On the negative side, some of the standard reporting could be better.  If you go with the software, spend some time learning how to use Crystal Reports, you'll save yourself consulting and report writing professional fees down the line.

    I'm not sure how it integrates with ProCore.  We use PlanSwift. We export the estimate to a CSV file then copy and paste the information into a spreadsheet that synchronizes with Spectrum.  This process takes about 5 minutes.

    Also, right now, I'm happy with the support I'm getting.  However, Dexter+Chaney was just purchased by Viewpoint.  Viewpoint has promised to keep Spectrum alive .  I switched accounting systems because Viewpoint bought Management Suite then sunset it.  Viewpoint's support was terrible.  I don't know how their support is for their regular product which is called Vista but how they handled Management Suite was atrocious.  When I called support I got a dispatcher not a technician, the response time varied but was usually more than one day, sometimes my reply would be an email telling me to go to the Knowledge base online.  I would do that and it wouldn't help, I'd call back, tell them I looked and it didn't help and I'd request that a person call me back. One to two days later, I would get another email telling me to go to the Knowledge base. Lather, rinse, repeat.  So far they haven't touch the way Dexter+Chaney handles support.  I call and I get a technician that can usually help fix the problem.

    Hope this helps, best of luck.

    Joseph I Gravenstine, CPA

    Joseph Gravenstine CPA
    The Pietrini Corporation (dba B. Pietrini & Sons)
    King of Prussia PA
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  • 6.  RE: Construction Accounting Software

    Posted 02-28-2018 14:33
    If you are willing to consider Corecon integrated with SAP Business One,  I could set up a few demonstrations for you and your team.

    Thank you,

    David Holler
    Construction Software Consultant and Trainer
    Savage MD

  • 7.  RE: Construction Accounting Software

    Posted 03-13-2018 10:15
    Three programs that are popular among many contractors are spectrum, viewpoint & foundation.  Each one has its own set of strengths, so it depends on what your company does in the industry and what your needs are for reporting.  If you are interested in more detail of what each program does, just email me and I can go into more detail.

    Rod Hammer CPA
    Spring TX
    (832) 580-2887