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Lien Waiver Tracking in Vista / Viewpoint

  • 1.  Lien Waiver Tracking in Vista / Viewpoint

    Posted 01-11-2018 18:11
    ​​​Is anyone using Vista by Viewpoint to generate, route, track and store lien waivers for their subcontractors and suppliers? If so see the questions below:

    1. Are you using the compliance tracking features of Vista to track prelien's received, waivers requested/received etc?
    2. Anyone know a good add-on that interfaces with Vista that will handle lien waiver management for both subcontractors, sub-tier suppliers and prime suppliers?
    3. Has anyone automated, inside Vista, the notification request need for lien waivers?  Or the return document processing of those waivers?   

    Sean Collins
    Credit & Contracts Manager
    A. Teichert & Son, Inc.
    Sacramento CA
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    Posted 01-12-2018 16:39

    Hi @Sean Collins - Great topic.  All of those feature requests are commonly requested because, as you know, chasing and keeping track of all that paper is a pain in the neck.

    To my knowledge, there is nothing doing these activities in Vista, nor is there much out there in the market that integrates with Vista for the same.  With that said, these are all things you can do within our software product - zlien - and we are working on a few integrations currently, with Vista/Viewpoint as a potential.  We currently only integrate with RedTeam, Quickbooks, and Autodesk.

    In zlien you can:

    • Forward all of your pre liens and actually receive them in zlien, and save them with the project and contractor/supplier;
    • Forward all lien waivers received and waiver requests received;
    • Track subcontractors, sub-tiers, and suppliers
    • Request lien waivers (multiple at once) electronically 
    • Track requests
    • Easily receive signed lien waivers back from subs & suppliers
    • If any subs or suppliers are already using zlien (there are a lot), you'll get those notices and waivers automatically in your database;
    • Get suggestions from zlien of which subs, sub-tiers, and suppliers may be on your project, even if you don't know them or haven't received notice

    Scott Wolfe J.D., Loyola College of Law
    CEO & Founder
    New Orleans LA
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    Posted 01-15-2018 10:48
    Sean,  We use the PO Compliance tracking in AP and PO.  We usually get the ROLs back on e-mail, then attach them to the PO Compliance item and update the date.  I created a spreadsheet that creates our ROLs, it uses a couple SQL views to get the AP data and the PO data.  The rest is just excel formulas.  I left it in excel due to the fact we often have exceptions to the normal flow.  Sometimes we are cutting a PO or paying invoices out of order.  I put the override functions in the spreadsheet vs a report with a bunch of parameters that needs to be re-run each time a clerk makes a change.

    Two key points:
       1. in Vista, an out of compliance PO will not be paid in AP.  (check your AP Company settings)
       2. the spreadsheet is easy enough for my AP clerk to handle 95% of the ROLs without help.

    Scott Luman
    Freestate Electric Company
    Laurel MD

  • 4.  RE: Lien Waiver Tracking in Vista / Viewpoint

    Posted 01-19-2018 07:32
    We have an excellent in software solution that we roll out.   Custom table and notifier in conjunction with compliance in Vista.  Very well received by Users with reports to match.

    Please consider contacting S&B as we can systematically roll this out within your Vista software and provide training.

    Sandrah Vittands MBA
    CEO And Lead Consultant, Llc. dba S&B Systems, LLC
    Humble TX
    (248) 736-9788

  • 5.  RE: Lien Waiver Tracking in Vista / Viewpoint

    Posted 01-22-2018 12:30
    For our Viewpoint Vista customers we recommend a software called Greenlight Compliance Manager Greenlight Compliance Solutions . This software has 2 way integration to Vista for Tracking of COI, Lien Waivers, Contractor License, Certified Payroll, Commitments and more with built in Automation. The vendor portal allows Subs/Vendors and Suppliers to sign their Waivers electronically or upload compliance documents. 

    Tanner Evenrud
    Cheif Technology Officer
    E.W.A Software Solutions
    San Marcos CA
    (760) 798-9700

  • 6.  RE: Lien Waiver Tracking in Vista / Viewpoint

    Posted 01-23-2018 09:02
    ​We currently use Textura on all of our major projects & the subcontractors sign off on a unconditional lien waiver when entering their pay application.  We then are able to access an electrically signed version of the lien waiver two days after we pay the subcontractor.   It also has a sub-tier lien feature which we are just in the early stages of testing.

    We also use textura for compliance tracking (signed subk, COI & bond) which sends reminders to the subcontractors.     We currently import/export the files/data between Textura but will be switching to an automated process over the next could months

    There is a cost to us & the subcontractor so you have to evaluate that against the time savings & ability to get paid quicker (able to get all waivers to Title Company/Owner quicker).

    Please call with any questions.


    Todd Rakowski
    C.G. Schmidt, Inc.
    Milwaukee WI