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A/P Invoice Automation -- CONCUR Invoice Platform

  • 1.  A/P Invoice Automation -- CONCUR Invoice Platform

    Posted 08-08-2018 10:38

    Hi folks, this is my first post ;) so I am prepared to be impressed by all of the construction and insightful input from you all!

    Input requested:
    Any success or failure stories from users of CONCUR Invoice platform? Experience with implementation?
    Any other BETTER invoice automation and cloud based A/P workflow applications.

    Invoice Software for Small to Medium Sized Businesses - SAP Concur

    What I can offer in return: I've reviewed, CONCUR, and some others and negotiated a deal with CONCUR, so I can tell you more about pricing and discounts they seem willing to offer ... and in a month or so, I'll have a success/failure story of my own :)

    - We are a glazing contractor that operates/manages based in Houston. Recently, we expanded to Dallas and have a couple PMs managing projects from the Dallas office. Soon we'll have some PMs in Austin, TX managing projects.
    - Currently, we are processing ~400-600 invoices per month almost exclusively flowing through Houston, and expect that to increase to ~1,000 per month flowing through all three offices
    - Accounting system: Quickbooks Desktop (Accounting)
    - A/P workflow currently 85-90% invoices arrive via email (good thing) but we still print, distribute for approval, collect, validate, pay, scan/save digital copies, and file paper copies

    Thanks, John

    John Shaddix
    Momentum Exterior Systems - CFO
    Spring TX
    (281) 809-2830 x306

  • 2.  RE: A/P Invoice Automation -- CONCUR Invoice Platform

    Posted 08-09-2018 08:35
    ​Hi John,

    We implemented Carta for our AP last year where emailed invoices are automatically indexed (or mailed invoices are first scanned by the third party) and then put into a workflow.  All our job related invoices go directly to Purchasing for coding and approval and then are automatically routed to the PM for the job.  All overhead invoices go directly to me for coding and approval.  The implementation cost is pretty hefty though.  We do an import/export with our Accounting software to get the PMs, Jobs, etc. into Carta and then the approved/coded invoices into Accounting.  Normally the 2 systems should automatically feed but our Accounting software doesn't currently support an API so there are some manual steps but is still 1000 times more efficient then our old process.  Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

    CartaAP - Access

    Nicole Lindstrom
    Tore Electric Company
    Dover NJ
    (973) 659-3401