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1.  Phone Systems

Posted 06-19-2017 12:08
Hi there,

We are a mid-size Heavy Highway Contractor. We are looking to replace our office phone system. Do any users out there have any recommendations? They would be greatly appreciated.

We have one supplier, CenturyLink, who has demonstrated genuine interest, but that's about it.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


Joel Daniher
General Manager/CFO
Schellinger Construction Co., Inc.
Columbia Falls MT
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2.  RE: Phone Systems

Posted 06-20-2017 08:33
​I would look at Mitel.
They have Digital and IP phones that can work together on the same system,


Ken Syslo
Lombardi Electric
Bloomingdale IL
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3.  RE: Phone Systems

Posted 06-20-2017 08:53
We use RingCentral VOIP phones -

We arent in Construction but are a SME sized business in the US market with a mobile/field force so hopefully its still applicable for you.

You can get an app to install on any smart phone that enables you to make/receive calls as if its from your work number, along with a ton of other options.

You also need to use their physical phones in the office. Our IT team handle everything so I have no idea on the costs though apologies.

It's normally pretty good just a couple of bugbears here & there.


Leon McAllister
New York City NY
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4.  RE: Phone Systems

Posted 06-20-2017 11:04
We also use Ring Central and really like it. We wanted a phone system that was cloud based so that employees in different locations were connected as if in the same office. We also wanted a system we could administer easily. Several we looked at were just to complicated to get working easily. What we did was sign up for a single user for several different services (as they are month to month, the cost was minimal). We then attempted to setup the system the way we wanted and were able to eliminate several systems based on the trial.
Some of the systems we looked at were designed to have an automated attendant answer the phone and then allow callers to select from a menu. In our case, we wanted a live person to answer the phone, but wanted the initial call to go to a Que so that if several calls come in at once, it is easy to handle. When a call comes in, the caller is told they will be answered by a live person shortly. They are also given the opportunity to leave a message or transfer to a specific department in case they don't wish to wait for the live person. Works well for our work flow.
Although you can use a IP phone with Ring Central (many choices), several of us just use the Ring Central Softphone (software) and a business headset from Sennheiser or Plantronics. I have mine setup so it rings both my Softphone at my desk and cell phone at the same time. That way if I am away from my desk and want to be able to pick up calls, I take my cell phone. When answering or calling though the cell phone (with the Ring Central App installed), the caller sees our business caller ID rather than my cell phone number. Makes it look like I am in the office no matter where I am. If I am out of the office and take a call that I want to transfer to another person in the office, the cell phone app makes it easy to do so.
There are many other features we like and use. Very happy we made the switch to Ring Central.

Tom Moore
MIS Construction Software, Inc.
Everett WA
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5.  RE: Phone Systems

Posted 06-20-2017 09:32
See here for the same question asked last week.

Eric Dance CPA
Alliance Trucking LP
Arlington TX
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6.  RE: Phone Systems

Posted 06-20-2017 13:53
I suggest that you reach out to IT consultants rather than the local telephone company.  The future is utilizing internet service rather than land line telephone lines.  That is what we did to get more options.

Gail Fleming Bachelors of Science
Finance Operations Manager
The Reijnen Company, Inc.
Bainbridge Island WA
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7.  RE: Phone Systems

Posted 06-21-2017 09:28
Thanks for the responses - much appreciated. Our internet is not always 100% reliable. Doe anyone have a non-internet based phone system suggestions?

Joel Daniher
General Manager/CFO
Schellinger Construction Co., Inc.
Columbia Falls MT
(406) 892-2188