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1.  Employee Leasing Company

Posted 8 days ago
Does anyone have any experience with setting up a small business LLC for employee leasing purposes only? We are a union contractor, and only cover between 20-30 non union employees on our health insurance coverage. We are classified as a large group due to the number of employees we have, even though 70% of them are not under our insurance. We are looking into setting up an LLC for our non union employees to work for, and leasing them back to our main company, in order to be able to get small group health insurance options. I have some questions on the logistics of how this is handled, but I'm told this is not an uncommon situation. If anyone has any insights I would love to connect. Thank you!

Leila Bennett-Snow CPA
Strategic Mechanical Inc.
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2.  RE: Employee Leasing Company

Posted 7 days ago
​We have a separate company for our field labor (@60 employees) and can possibly offer some insight on the pros and cons as well as some of the challenges and perks.  Feel free to email or call me directly.

Debra Tallon, CPA
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