Topic Thread

1.  It's Suicide Prevention Month!

Posted 09-01-2017 19:20
​​I hope everyone had a chance to read Samantha's letter yesterday and review the CIASP newsletter sent today.  We're very proud to have partnered with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to be able to share their #BeThe1To campaign with all of our CFMA members.  If you haven't had a chance yet, please visit Home - #BeThe1To and check out the CIASP campaign there to use in your own workplace!  Speaking of workplaces - CFMA has been promoting this suicide prevention method for nearly two years, and the CIASP has been around for almost a year.  In this time, have you taken any steps to integrating mental health and suicide prevention into your workplace?  We'd love to hear your stories - please share them here!

Michelle Walker CCIFP, SPHR - CIASP Task Force Chair
Vice President Finance & Administration
Specialized Services Co.
Phoenix AZ
(602) 997-6164

2.  RE: It's Suicide Prevention Month!

Posted 09-13-2017 16:48

 FNF has been working to begin the dialogue on mental wellness and suicide prevention.  Once the topic was introduced to CFMA members at the Suicide Prevention Summit in April of 2016, we opened the door with emails, company newsletters and posters at the jobsites and office.  We worked to gain our company leadership "buy in" to make sure we had their support, and then have grown employee awareness by selective staff training (HR and Safety Director), lunch and learn programs, tool box talks, wellness newsletters, employee assistance programs among others.  I encourage all CFMA members to start the discussion at their companies.  We all have focused for years on "Zero Accidents";  it's a natural next-step to add "Zero Suicides" to our company cultures!

David James CCIFP, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
FNF Construction, Inc.
Tempe AZ
(480) 839-0756

3.  RE: It's Suicide Prevention Month!

Posted 09-14-2017 08:32
At Story Construction, we used the suicide prevention posters in our bi-monthly employee newsletter to spread the word and let not only those that may personally be dealing with significant challenges, but to encourage our employees to pay attention to their fellow workers, anyone else on the job site and friends and family.  When we presented at our benefits renewal meetings we shared information about coverage through our health plan and our employee assistance program.

The BeThe1To message will help us keep the message in front of folks to remind them that there are alternatives, people that care and help available as we work toward the goal of suicide prevention in the construction industry and everywhere.

Steve Tenney
Story Construction Co.
Ames IA
(515) 817-2606