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    Posted 03-13-2018 11:09
    ​​Does anyone use Extras in Sage 300?  Extras are set up as mini jobs within a job and have been recommended to us as a possible solution for residential type jobs that will have multiple units.  If anyone does use Extras, was the initial setup done by Sage consultant and if yes, was it done onsite or remotely?  Are there any bugs and/or limitations with using this feature?
    Thanks in advance for the feedback.

    Janet Tezak
    Gorski Engineering
    Collegville PA
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    Posted 03-13-2018 14:01
    HI Janet.
    We use Sage 300 and do utilize "Extras" on some project - we are a heavy highway and site work contractor.  It does enable us to have multiple cost codes on a line item where the project managers would like the costs broken out more.  It also enables us to use the Owner's codes in conjunction with our codes.  I would recommend your consultant setting it up as you will most likely have to change many of your cost reports as well.  You will need to decide how many digits you want in the Extra Code as well.

    When we want to break out a job into large components such as phases or deliverables, we utilize "Contracts" and link two or three "Jobs" to the "Contract."  We can then "close" one job and not worry about misallocating costs and can print detailed reports on just one phase of the job.

    Good luck!

    Kimberly Hullfish MBA, CCIFP
    C. Abbonizio Contractors Inc.
    Swedesboro NJ
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    Posted 03-14-2018 08:26

    We use Extras as well and call them Work Orders.   Our consultants initially set this up for us.  Within our system the words "Work Order"  now shows up rather than Extras.

    We are an Electrical Contractor that does Overhead/Underground Lines, Transmission, Substation, etc.   When we are awarded a contract with a customer, we set up a job.  Then if that job has a unique reference or has multiple areas, divisions, services, etc that need the cost to be separated; we do so by using Work Orders.  From there each work order can have multiple cost codes to break it down even further by labor, equipment, overhead expense, etc.

    This method works great for us and we have seen no limitations at all.   We get to see the overall cost and/or profit of the job, but have the ability to look further into it to see what made up this overall cost and how each section did as well.

    Kimberly Reynolds


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    Posted 03-14-2018 08:54
    We use Extras occasionally. We are a GC and from time to time have what amounts to a big change order to add something that was not contemplated in the beginning, or as a way to separate costs. It does complicate some cost reports, because the Extras are recorded in an Extra - MTD, YTD, JTD field, but I haven't found that to be too difficult to deal with.

    Actually setting up the Extra is no different than setting up a Job. It's on the reporting end that you have to make sure the information is captured - AP will record Extras as will PR. Commitments all accept the Extra field. We have difficulty with field personnel bothering to code their time to the Extra.

    Timothy Mickunas CPA, CCIFP
    Chief Financial Officer
    D. Wilson Construction Company
    McAllen TX
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    Posted 03-14-2018 11:10
    Extras are very easy to activate in Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate.  Below are some simple steps.

    1.  Go into JC Setting and activate the use of extras.  Check the Tracking Extras checkbox.

    2.  Use Setup Extras to create extras within a job.  The extra is a 10 character field.  In your case it could be a unit number.  You can use Custom Descriptions to change the name "Extra" to "Unit"

    3.  Enter or Import your estimates.  Instead of just entering a Job, Cost Code and Category, you would enter Job, Extra, Cost Code and Category.  In your example, you could enter a job without an extra to designate the core building.

    4. As you enter commitments, CO's, AP Invoices, PR Time, you will be prompted for Job, Extra, Cost Code and Category.  If the entry applies to the unit/extra, enter it, otherwise leave it blank

    Hope this helps.  I am sure if you reach out to your Sage consultant, they can review this with you as well.

    Dennis Stejskal
    Vice President - Strategy
    Beaverton OR
    (503) 439-5000

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    Posted 03-14-2018 15:14
    Janet -  We do construction and real estate development and use extras extensively.  For condos, homes and commercial builds we use them to track change orders and upgrades.  For mixed use and lot developments we also use them to record and isolate cost allocations between major cost pools and the individual phases and end units.  This is very helpful since you can run cost reports without the allocation extra (which shows you where the cost was originally incurred) or with the allocation extra (which shows you where the cost finally ended up).

    A few observations.  First, there is more coding work and room for error on the front end since it adds another layer of detail over cost code and category.  We find this is workable as long as we keep the number and type of extras within reason.  Second, you may need to adjust your reports depending on your needs.  For instance, if you want to know total plumbing cost for a job, it may now show up in both the main job and any number of extras.  In that case it's common to modify the standard reports to roll up the codes across the main job and the extras into consolidated totals.  Finally, extras can not be archived and moved to history separate from the main job.  This is normally more of an issue with developers who use extras to account for separate lots and buildings.  In effect, you can't archive away the detail on the portions of the project that have been sold.  In those instances, we break out the project across multiple jobs (which can be archived individually) and then run reports that roll up all the related jobs as one project.

    Michael Suhovecky
    Brier Hill Associates
    Dublin OH
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