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1.  Equifax breach

Posted 09-12-2017 16:06
Good afternoon all!

There's a website: Enroll in Complimentary Identity Theft Protection | Equifax

And we've going back and forth on whether to take part in this because supposedly if you sign up for this you give up your right to sue Equifax.

I was just wondering what others think about this, and if they anyone has signed up?

Thank you!

Christine Rivera
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2.  RE: Equifax breach

Posted 09-13-2017 09:52

I signed up personally as my info may have been compromised and I was not made aware, during that process, that I was giving up any rights to sue.


Wendy Byerley
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3.  RE: Equifax breach

Posted 09-13-2017 10:31
​A fellow member was kind enough to email an article that Equifax dropped the arbitration clause that causing concern.

Christine Rivera
Gillette Air Conditioning
San Antonio TX
(210) 735-9235

4.  RE: Equifax breach

Posted 09-13-2017 10:33
From their FAQ page:

We've added an FAQ to our website to confirm that enrolling in the free credit file monitoring and identity theft protection that we are offering as part of this cybersecurity incident does not waive any rights to take legal action. We removed that language from the Terms of Use on the website, The Terms of Use on do not apply to the TrustedID Premier product being offered to consumers as a result of the cybersecurity incident.

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5.  RE: Equifax breach

Posted 09-14-2017 12:04
I was one of the unfortunate ones to have my information hacked.  I highly recommend you go to all three major credit reporting sites (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion) and freeze your accounts.  This will prevent anyone from opening up new accounts in your name.  You just have to remember to "unfreeze" your account if and when you go to get credit for anything.

I'm spoken to several people who are going to freeze their accounts even if they hadn't been hacked for security reasons.  It's better than using LifeLock or any other monitoring company because this prevents anyone from doing anything instead of alerting you when someone has already done something!

Barbara Laden MBA
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6.  RE: Equifax breach

Posted 09-14-2017 12:15
Thank you Barbara, this is very helpful

Ron Smith
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7.  RE: Equifax breach

Posted 09-23-2017 18:10

Hello Christine,

I apologize for a late reply to your inquiry.  Unfortunately, there is very little that can be done to protect against this particular identity theft.  The free offer of Fraud Alert Monitoring is for one year only.  Most criminals will wait for a couple of years, or more, before attempting to use the stolen data.

Personal identity information does not get expunged easily, however, making some of the information obsolete may help serve as a warning sign to potential creditors. For example; Open a new bank account and close the old one, have your credit cards replaced, use a post-office mailbox with a different zip code as your mailing address, etc.

Enclosed link is an article from Consumer Report that you may find useful.  "Equifax Breach: What you can do to protect yourself".

Hopefully, the Congress will mandate a policy that would require credit monitoring companies to send out free notification each time an individual's personal information is accessed or changed, much like Google, or the credit card companies do.

Varoujan Adamian
Principal Consultant
Burbank, CA
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8.  RE: Equifax breach

Posted 09-24-2017 13:08
​Hopefully everyone is aware of the CFMA affinity program - - IDShield/LegalShield! This affinity partner signed on with CFMA about a year and a half ago.  The IDShield portion of this product is specific to the ID theft risks of its members and uses Kroll investigative services to help identify any breaches and work thru a breach should one occur.  They sent out timely information security and safety topics, and just the other day had an article on freezing your accounts (how to do it right and the implications of such actions).
My company offers this to employees as part of our benefits package (employee pays the monthly fee, however!) and we, and employees who have signed on,  have been pleased.  Recently, as a result of the Equifax issue, a local contractor in VOS chapter signed on as well.
Check them out on the CFMA website under "cost savings programs" - - will be worth your time!!!

David James CCIFP, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
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9.  RE: Equifax breach

Posted 09-25-2017 10:41

Fabulous advice.  Thanks very much.  We were looking at which service to engage but this is right on time.


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10.  RE: Equifax breach

Posted 09-27-2017 14:25
​This is so unfortunate. This breach. I would recommend that you go to all agencies and freeze your credit. If you play the odds and don't freeze your credit... I think you take a big risk. If the criminals have your info they, and their buddies, have it the rest of our lives....... a very long time to play the odds.
Clark Howard has a real easy portal to handle all three companies.

Stephen Hadley
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