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1.  PEO Recommendations

Posted 8 days ago
Good Morning,

Does anyone here use a PEO that they would recommend?
We have used Insperity in the past and switched to a new company a few years ago, but we are now having some issues with them and are considering new options.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


Kelsie Schoener MBA - Accounting
BMF Solutions LLP
Cypress TX

2.  RE: PEO Recommendations

Posted 7 days ago
Take a look at PEO Depot

they give you comparisons of all the PEOs and match to your needs.  I would equate it to a dating service /matchmaker to get exactly what you need.  Difffeent PEO's have different strengths

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3.  RE: PEO Recommendations

Posted 7 days ago

Feel free to reach out to Dan Mannes, Executive VP of AcriSource at 616-261-1798 (cell) I have also attached some information on AcriSource for you.

Of course you can contact me as well. Have a great day!!

Jerry Whitaker BA Marketing
Acrisure / Whitaker LaChance
Portage MI
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4.  RE: PEO Recommendations

Posted 7 days ago

I don't who you're using now.  Since you're in the Houston area, I would recommend either HR&P or G&A Partners.  Really depends on if you're looking for just payroll, or for all the PEO services.  G&A is going to be better for more services.  HR&P is going to partner and outsource most benefits other than payroll and HR compliance.

Let me know if you need contacts or other questions.


Adam Blumberg
Certified Financial Planner
Chart Wealth Management
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5.  RE: PEO Recommendations

Posted 7 days ago

We have terminated our postal rental and use USPS online.  Pitney Bowes gave us a lot of grief to terminate our rental.  Scare tactics about how bad using stamps were, all kinds of weird lines.  Also, they sent us a lot of renewals and called us constantly to renew and our contract still had another 9 months remaining.  Then they wanted to charge us $500 for a box to ship the machine back.  It was crazy. 

We setup a corporate account on USPS, put a credit card on it.  Ordered a couple rolls of forever stamps and some 2 ounce and 3 ounce stamps for larger envelopes.  We already had a separate mail scale and print out the mail costs from

No more fees.  We are saving thousands between the postage rental and the postage charges to reload on the machine.  

Susan Peck BA Accounting/Business Admin
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