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Verizon vs TMobile

  • 1.  Verizon vs TMobile

    Posted 02-09-2018 08:55
    ​Hi, we spend about $10k per month on Verizon services including voice, text and data usage for our executives, project mangers, superintendents and field employees.  TMobile has approached us with an aggressive savings opportunity of approximately 40%.  We have tested their service on phones and tablets in the Indianapolis, Southwest Florida and Denver markets.  Testing has been positive!

    Are there other companies using Tmobile that are willing to provide me feedback on their service?  I'm very cautious about switching and losing productivity in the Field.

    Thanks for your feedback!​

    Michael Kirk CPA
    R.T. Moore Co., Inc.
    Indianapolis IN
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  • 2.  RE: Verizon vs TMobile

    Posted 02-10-2018 11:04
    We are currently with Verizon but transitioning to T-Mobile within the next 2 weeks. They have been very aggressive with their pricing and we asked to borrow a phone to test it in the Las Vegas valley area. Their coverage is great, data speeds were very impressive, and penetration into buildings and structures surpassed Verizon. They claim it has to do with the new UHF bandwidth they just recently purchased. Regardless, it exceeded our expectations. On top of better coverage, fast speeds, and lower price point, they are offering a T-Mobile credit for early termination fees. I couldn't pass it up. Keep in mind, this is my experience in Las Vegas where their name is on the new T-Mobile Arena. So they have put a lot of infrastructure into this market.

    Robert Scott BA Professional Accounting
    Forte Specialty Contractors
    Las Vegas NV
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    Posted 02-10-2018 12:07
    We made that switch and regret it.  Quality of sound and network errors(calls not going through, calls not being recieved, calls leaving VM that never rang the phone, sms showing up days later, etc) are causing issue with our Verizon bought iPhones that are now on the T-Mobile network.  Switching back soon.  T-Mobile has great service but not improving infrastructure fast enough to deal with volume of clients coming over for the discounted services.

    Charlie Bruno is an expert at renegotiating carriers to the best rates offer by the competitive market.  He is doing the negotiation for me so I don't have to.

    Charlie Bruno's cell ‭(951) 707-3970‬

    Bobby Ameen
    Irvine CA
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  • 4.  RE: Verizon vs TMobile

    Posted 02-12-2018 08:01

    Beware. We also jumped at the cost savings being pushed by TMobile. We also thought we did our due diligence and asked around before making the switch. We switched to TMobile in January of last year. The service in parts of Southwest Florida were miserable at best. We do a lot of work right on the coast. Our supers could not make or receive calls in any of the high rises they were working in. They had to go to the ground floor and walk 10 feet from the building to get any reception. You can imagine the difficulties this caused.

    We were relentless with our calls to TMobile. We were promised for months that the infrastructure was coming to address these issues. We decided to cut our losses and switched back to Verizon last July. We gave it 6 months. The process ended up costing us $10,000 plus many intangible costs. My advice is to proceed with caution.

    Kimberly Ortegon, MBA
    Chief Financial Officer
    Wall Systems Contractors & PBS Contractors
    Naples FL
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  • 5.  RE: Verizon vs TMobile

    Posted 02-13-2018 08:52
    Not sure this is the issue, but on one project I was associated with the owner entered into a contract with a specific carrier.  In addition, they needed to add hardware to make sure wireless reception was good throughout the tower.  If either of these are true in the towers you're working in then it could be either a conflict of carriers or inadequate coverage within the towers.

    If you haven't already, you may want to test things to rule these out before going to another change of carriers.


    Ray Stawowy C.P.A.
    Self Employed
    Cedar Park TX
    (512) 983-9062

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    Posted 02-13-2018 10:55

    We are working on this same situation here. We switched from Verizon to T Mobile a couple of months ago. Some of our foreman are having issues with T Mobile's coverage within buildings in downtown Boston. The foreman use ipads to communicate back to the main office.

    The person in charge of the cell phones here is looking to switch back to Verizon but the new equipment we purchased is not compatible with the Verizon network. The phones we purchased from Verizon work on the T Mobile network, but the new equipment we purchased from T Mobile doesn't work on the Verizon Network.

    John Spada EA, CFE, MSA
    Atlantic Power and Light, Inc.
    Boston MA
    (617) 436-2758

  • 7.  RE: Verizon vs TMobile

    Posted 02-14-2018 16:44

    The changing of wireless carriers does not get to the root cause of why construction firms consider changing.  All carriers charge more than they should and no one has the time or patience to review 100+ page bills every month.

    Bill Dinaso of Neczus has helped a few of my customers with reducing their wireless bills.  Email him ( what carrier you use, your total device count, mention you're with the CFMA, and he'll get in touch with you shortly.  If you're in a hurry, give him a call at 914.774.7010 or visit his website Contingency Auditing Services | Neczus  

    If you'd like to talk to my clients who've used his services. just reach out.  I'm here to help.

    Carol Hagen
    Chandler AZ
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    Bluebeam Gold Partner: CFMA members receive a 10% discount off Bluebeam direct pricing on licenses, upgrades and annual maintenance

  • 8.  RE: Verizon vs TMobile

    Posted 02-28-2018 13:12

    Hello Michael,

    As CIO, I was responsible for managing Telecom.  I switched cell phone carriers a couple of times.  Ultimately, we realized that the best option was to work with multiple carriers.  This also gave us the ability to move individual lines between providers as job-site demanded it.  For example, the only workable option in downtown San Francisco was AT&T, in Seattle, T-Mobile was the best carrier, and Verizon was the absolute worst in the Lake Tahoe area.  We chose T-Mobile as our primary provider, since they had the most consistent billing practices.  For all others, we had to make routine calls for billing errors.

    Also, be sure to ask for a breakdown of all fees.  Carriers generally fail to accurately calculate statutory fees and opt for the maximum rates.  For example; our initial bill with Nextel included a 28.5% tax & fees.  After an in- depth review, it was dropped down to 15%.

    Good Luck,
    Varoujan Adamian
    Principal Consultant
    Burbank, CA
    (818) 201-5111