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It's Time to Take Action Against Suicide

  • 1.  It's Time to Take Action Against Suicide

    Posted 06-08-2018 13:24
    Edited by Michelle Walker 06-08-2018 13:25

    This week, has brought us the news of two high-profile celebrity deaths to suicide, as well as a CDC report showing a 25% increase in suicide deaths since 1999.  Sadder than the two celebrity suicides this week is the reality that approximately 865 lives are lost to suicide each week.

    For the two years I've been spending working on suicide prevention, I've had hundreds of people pat me on the back for "what important work this is." Most of those have also said, "Now that I know about this problem, what can I do?" Well, for the past six months we've spent countless hours working on a 4 hour education program addressing awareness and action. This session is launching at the CFMA conference in two weeks.  It's time to give of your time and energy and TAKE ACTION. So I ask you, CFMA friends – will you take an ACTION STEP and sign up for this session?  Will you spread the word to your other colleagues to do the same? It's time to take charge, take action, and learn how to spread a message of hope, build protective factors in the workplace, and be part of moving these statistics in the right direction. 


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    Posted 06-11-2018 00:42
    ​Michelle - thanks for your encouragement to attend the Suicide Prevention session in Miami.  It is so important that we, as an industry, recognize this epidemic - and that we understand that OUR industry is in the forefront of the battle!   Folks, let's all connect during this session and gain insight on moving the "needle" in a favorable direction!  So, to those folks who will be in Miami early Saturday, sign up or just show up to this session . . . and we can explore this critical construction issue!

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    Posted 06-11-2018 10:06
    Having been part of the team preparing the materials for this interactive session, I can say that this session is much more than an informative lecture.  The exercises, tools and techniques that will be discussed and used during this event will better equip participants to identify suicide risks and take appropriate action on both the individual and organizational level.  The takeaways from this event will empower and prepare attendees to make a real difference to the people around them and their companies.

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    Posted 06-12-2018 06:37
    Depression is the great equalizer, it does not discriminate or care about your social status. Listen to words to hear signs of depression. Great article below from the WSJ.. #depressiontreatment

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