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Raise and Bonus Tracking

  • 1.  Raise and Bonus Tracking

    Posted 06-13-2018 17:56
    We are currently using an excel spreadsheet to track bonuses and raises. Our spreadsheet goes back for 5 years worth of history and is out of control.  Does anyone have a solution or know of a program that we can use to track when bonuses are given, how much, whether it is earned or discretionary along with raises?

    Shirley Beard
    DEB Construction Inc.
    Anaheim CA
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    Posted 06-14-2018 11:25
    What accounting software are you using?

    Chalyce Wilde
    QFP, Inc.
    Woods Cross UT
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  • 3.  RE: Raise and Bonus Tracking

    Posted 06-15-2018 09:46
    Thanks for responding. We use Spectrum along with Procore. Our payroll software is Paylocity

    Shirley Beard
    DEB Construction Inc.
    Anaheim CA
    (714) 632-6680

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    Posted 06-15-2018 16:34
    Hi Shirley,

    We use Spectrum and track raises in the Payroll module, under Pay Rates for each employee.  You are able to add new Pay Rates and the system will track the history and are able to run reports.  For bonuses, we pay under a specific Pay Code, and can run reports under that specific pay code.  Additionally, we have the Infolink tool in Spectrum that we use in conjunction with MS Query to run queries directly from the Spectrum database to build our own Excel spreadsheets which we use for reporting/tracking so we don't have to manually update separate spreadsheets.

    Nicholle Henning
    Bay Cities Paving & Grading, Inc.
    Concord CA
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    Posted 06-15-2018 07:27
    We switched to Foundation.  It does all that and more as part of its basic functions.

    Fred Marion
    Tocco Corp
    Billerica MA
    (978) 528-8821

  • 6.  RE: Raise and Bonus Tracking

    Posted 06-19-2018 18:59

    Hello Shirley,

    Last year we developed a small custom App for a client who needed a tool to manage their Bonus request & approval processes.  It is a browser-based cloud App that can be accessed via Desktop & Mobile Devices (phones and tablets).

    As others have pointed out, most modern accounting systems are capable of tracking pay increases and bonuses, once they are processed by payroll.  Our client used different "Pay Types" for Bonuses and other variable pays.

    Our application is designed to simplify the process of requesting and approving DPBs (Discretionary Performance Bonus).    With a slight modification, it can include pay increase approvals.

    Some features include:

    • DPB requests can be charged against a Job or a department.
    • The workflow automatically routes the request to the proper manager (or managers) for approval.   
    • Approvers receive an e-mail notifications when there is a request in their workflow inbox.
    • Approvers can view bonus balances and review past requests (paid or unpaid).
    • Approvers can change the amounts at their own discretion.
    • All changes are logged and available for management review.
    • Fed & State taxes get calculated to show an estimated payout.  The payroll system determines the final pay.
    • Optionally, DPB requests can be printed when a "wet signature" is required.
    • After a final approval by accounting, the application creates an Excel file for Payroll.
    Feel free to contact me if I can provide more insight, or if you would like to learn about our SaaS offering.

    Best Wishes,

    Varoujan Adamian
    Principal Consultant
    Burbank, CA
    (818) 201-5111