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Accepting credit card payments

  • 1.  Accepting credit card payments

    Posted 06-28-2018 10:09
    Anyone have any experience with having customers make credit card payments via an on-line portal?  We accept immediate payments using Square for service calls and would like to allow other customers to go to a secure website to pay us instead of calling us and giving us their credit card information.  Any ideas would be appreciated.

    Lawrence Horning
    Pieper Electric Inc.
    New Berlin WI
    (262) 879-8218

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    Posted 06-28-2018 14:45
    Hi Lawrence,

    Since you're already using Square, they do have a few options to add a payment ("checkout") form to your site, in addition to the super simple Square Cash for Business product.  Stripe (Square competitor) also has a straightforward checkout option. Feel free to direct email me and I'd be happy to jump on a call and spend a few minutes walking you through these options.


    Geoff Arnold
    CEO + Co-Founder
    Sioux City IA

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    Posted 06-29-2018 11:13
    ​If you are collecting and especially storing credit card data, be sure to have adequate Cyber Liability Insurance coverage. It varies by state, but if you are breached your financial liability just for notification of potential victims can be staggering.

    David Harris CPCU, ARM, CRIS
    Senior Vice President
    San Francisco CA
    (415) 743-8121

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    Posted 07-03-2018 11:23

    As a cost savings partner for CFMA i can tell you that there are a few questions that need to be addressed before making any decisions.

    What kind of volume are you doing monthly with regard to dollars??
    What types of cards are you accepting (business cards, purchasing cards..etc)
    Square is great for accepting cards UP TO A CERTAIN MONTHLY DOLLAR AMOUNT.
    Some of these answers will direct you to different cost effective ways to accept credit card.

    There are quite a few solutions with regard to your needs.

    Please don't hesitate to give me a call to discuss a bit more.

    Jason Wood

    Jason Wood
    Payment Processing Advisor
    Cincinnati, Ohio

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    Posted 07-11-2018 15:42
    We don't do a lot of credit card processing but when we do we use Square and I believe if you email someone an invoice they can pay it right online through a link and they don't have to call you. Pretty sure that's an option with Square. Hope this helps.

    Jack Kiperman
    COO / CFO
    Viking Engineering + Construction
    Portland OR
    (503) 987-0570