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EPC AIA Supporting Documentation

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    Posted 05-14-2018 10:08


    We are new company ( 27 months old) that acts as EPC and constructs "solar farms" and "renewable natural gas" facilities in the eastern US. We are entering into a relationship with a new customer and they are asking for information with our standard AIA pay application that I am not used to providing. Some of the items are:


    • A copy of every invoice for any cost submitted with the pay application. We are used to providing this at the end as part of a "cost certification" audit for tax credit purposes.
    • An AP account statement from every vendor (equipment supplier and subcontractor) showing that any invoice that we are billing for has been paid, first.
    • Lien waivers from equipment suppliers in our case, inverters, transformers, racking, solar modules. In my experience all subcontractors provide a "conditional" lien waiver with progress billings and a final lien waiver when the retainage is billed, but most equipment suppliers, (no service provided) do not.


    I would appreciate comments about what other EPC are used to providing both in the renewable energy sector and out of that sector.


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    Posted 05-15-2018 09:15

    We are a GC that works with several developers and we, too, have to provide copies of invoices on the Cost Plus jobs, as well as conditional waivers for each pay application. We also require supplier waivers from the vendors' suppliers which precludes having to get an AP statement.


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    Posted 05-16-2018 22:35

    Hello John,

    Would your client accept an "unconditional" lien releases instead of A/P invoice or account statements?

    According to California guidelines, the "Unconditional Waiver and Release on Progress/Final Payment" is used to affirm that the payment has been received and processed by the claimant (
    Investopedia Definition).

    We recently developed two different solutions for our clients in California that deal with conditional and unconditional lien releases.  The first one is used by the billing department to generates a billing package, which includes the Invoice, the payment application, the schedule of values & related attachments, and the "conditional" lien release for either the progress or final billing.  The second solution was for the Credit & Collections department where they could generate an "unconditional" lien release, after the payment was received and processed.

    A common challenge with providing incremental documentation is that documents may get misplaced, requiring resubmission and possible delays in payments.  Your approach of providing the documentation at the end of the job is more efficient.

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