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Viewpoint Vista Cloud server migration

  • 1.  Viewpoint Vista Cloud server migration

    Posted 11-15-2018 11:41
    I am seeking feedback on experience transitioning to Viewpoint Vista's cloud-based server. We need to upgrade our server, but I don't know if the fees (almost triple of what we pay now) are worth it vs just installing another local server at our headquarters.

    Katie Jeremiah
    Aggregrate Resource Industries, Inc.
    Springfield OR
    (541) 747-6261

  • 2.  RE: Viewpoint Vista Cloud server migration

    Posted 11-15-2018 12:52
    Edited by Kevin Halme 11-15-2018 13:35

    I don't have experience with Vista cloud hosting specifically, but I have a few suggested topics to discuss with Viewpoint.
    • What access do you have to your data? Many providers restrict access to your data to what you can access through the software. I was told that with ProContractor the only access you have to the data is through the software. Spectrum has Infolink that allows custom reporting. I haven't heard what they are doing with Vista. Restricted access to your data likely means that all of your custom data needs need to go through the provider which is more expensive than having a custom report developed by an independent consultant or internal staff.
    • Along the same lines as the previous point, can you get a SQL backup of your data? What happens if you decide to switch software providers down the road, do you lose access to your data besides what you remember to pull out in reports before your subscription terminates? If you can get a SQL backup, you'd have the ability to query that data for years to come, without it you'd lose whatever you didn't export.
    • One of the big benefits of Vista is it's ability to be customized, once you move to the cloud what ability do you have to create custom views and custom stored procedures? Stored procedures can eliminate tons of manual work if you can develop them efficiently. Would you have to hire Viewpoint to develop and install all SQL custom development? If so, this likely comes at a premium versus hiring independent developers.
    • What is their level of service guarantee? How do you recoup costs for lost business function in the case of lack of availability? When Vista runs on your server, you don't have any guarantee or way to recoup loses, but you can grease the wheels. Your IT staff or provider will work weekends at a cost to get you restored if need be; however, with a service provider you can't force them to work overtime to get your service back on line. For example, I have a client that purchased Viewpoint Team and they were in the middle of going live with one project on Viewpoint Team. One critical piece in my opinion was the ability to sync data between Viewpoint Team and Vista. Due to this functionality not working, a high priority support case was opened on January 12th and not resolved until February 21st. The client decided to abandon the Team implementation and return to ProCore. To date, Viewpoint hasn't been willing to let them completely out of the contract. So, I'd make sure to have clear terms for being able to cancel the contract in case of serious lack of functionality for more than a few days. However, in the case of hosted Vista, if you don't have a SQL backup you may be stuck.
    Bottom line: I'm not sure I'd pay the same to have it cloud hosted vs on-premises, unless I felt comfortable with the points above.


    Kevin Halme
    Constructive Tech Solutions
    Omaha, NE

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    Posted 11-15-2018 21:41
    Kevin-  all excellent points. I have a follow up meeting with the rep Monday and will bring these points up for discussion. In the initial conference, she mentioned that we can get SQL backups at the frequency we request (daily, multiple times a day), and that all field, view, report, table, etc customizations transfer without issue. She did mention some third party integrations can be problematic. We had a similar experience with Mobile Field Manager and it took several months to get out of the contract, even when it was well documented that the software was sold to us with promises that it would meet very specific expectations without additional customization expense, and they ultimately couldn't come through on their promises.  With a big fight, we were ultimately able to get a full refund.

    Ill let you you know what I find out in the Monday meeting.

  • 4.  RE: Viewpoint Vista Cloud server migration

    Posted 11-16-2018 01:23
    Good Evening Katie! Kevin does makes good points as there are some drawbacks when it comes to ERP systems who offer their own Cloud Hosting services such as Vista, CMiC, Foundation, Coins, Yardi, MRI and a few others. Another alternative is to host your Applications(s) with Private Cloud Providers such as or Public Providers such as AWS and Azure. Private\Public Clouds allows companies to migrate all their Applications to their dedicated Cloud without the drawbacks\limitations of Self Hosted ERP options.

    PM me if you have any questions when it comes to Cloud Hosting when it comes to Private\Public\Self Hosted Cloud options for CRE Software.

    Tanner Evenrud
    VP Business Development
    San Diego, CA
    Specializing in Cloud Hosting of Construction and Real Estate Software

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    Posted 11-16-2018 07:57

    I think the benefits of the Cloud outweigh updating and/or replacing servers. With the Cloud you get an automatic disaster recovery plan that most companies lack or spend extra money to maintain, you don't have to replace or upgrade servers, there are more benefits being on the Cloud as a Vista user, and hopefully the connection for remote sites is better - at least from what I am being told. Internally you don't have to worry as much about IT turnover and expertise maintaining servers and upgrades are routine and automatic.

    Paul West
    Director of Enterprise Applications
    The Middlesex Companies
    Orlando FL
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  • 6.  RE: Viewpoint Vista Cloud server migration

    Posted 11-16-2018 08:49

    That's great news on the SQL backups. I'd make sure you get all of that in writing or hopefully a Vista cloud user will confirm here.

    Also, if you do go that route, make sure you check the term on the contract. The client mentioned above was quoted an Annual Subscription and the Contract was sent for 36 months.  Unfortunately, this wasn't discovered until after it was executed.

    I also think that using AWS or another cloud provider could be a good idea if you have the IT staff or provider to assist with that.


    Kevin Halme
    Constructive Tech Solutions
    Omaha, NE

  • 7.  RE: Viewpoint Vista Cloud server migration

    Posted 11-16-2018 09:28
    Many of my Vista customers use the Viewpoint Enterprise Cloud (VEC). I can confirm that they have full access to their SQL data through Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. They can create and customize views, stored procedures, and Crystal and SSRS reports; they are not obligated to hire Viewpoint for any of that.

    Both the level of customer service and server availability are high. Your local conditions may affect speed and access, though. A couple of my customers have experienced sluggish performance. Ask Viewpoint in advance about options and costs for rectifying that (e.g. scaling up to a server with more resources) in case you experience it. Keep in mind, the bottleneck may be on your end rather than on the cloud provider's.

    Towner Blackstock
    Blackstock Consulting
    Helping construction companies select, implement, and get more from software.

  • 8.  RE: Viewpoint Vista Cloud server migration

    Posted 11-16-2018 18:01
    We use Vista in the cloud and love it!  We have been with them for just over a year, and it is such a huge step up from our last cloud ERP.  We are on Viewpoint for Cloud, not VEC, but it works great.  We access the software through a remote desktop, but it is also accessible to us through a website so we can access it in an emergency away from the office.  We have full access to our data using Excel and SQL, and we can take it outside of the software and manipulate it how we need to.  The only drawback we have recognized is that our rural town's internet is not the most reliable, and we are susceptible to lapses in service, but it far outshines anything we've had before.  It is really nice that we aren't responsible for updates and managing servers, and they work really well on timing of updates to work with our 3rd party software providers that integrate with Vista.

    Good luck in your decision.  If you want to visit, feel free to reach out to me.

    Jossanne Neil
    James Hamilton Construction Co
    Silver City NM
    (575) 388-1546