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Asset Management - Equipment Tracking (GPS)

  • 1.  Asset Management - Equipment Tracking (GPS)

    Posted 20 days ago

    I'm looking for recommendations for GPS tracking solutions that will work well for both powered and non-powered equipment.  If you employ such a solution, I would love to hear how it is used and your likes & dislikes.

    Thank you!

    Mike Downs
    Specialty Spray Systems Technologies, LLC
    Kennesaw GA
    (877) 673-8177

  • 2.  RE: Asset Management - Equipment Tracking (GPS)

    Posted 19 days ago
    I am also interested in this.  We have looked at both HCSS and Zonar, both of which provide comparable solutions and price points.  Any input from users of those companies, or any others, would be much appreciated!


    Cory Rickard
    Max J. Kuney Company
    Spokane WA
    (509) 535-0651