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  • 1.  CCIFP

    Posted 11-08-2018 09:45
    Does anyone have CCIFP practice questions?


    Logan Howland
    Sr. Financial Analyst
    Discovery Builders, LLC
    Scottsdale AZ
    (480) 624-5237

  • 2.  RE: CCIFP

    Posted 11-09-2018 08:07
    I just took the CCIFP exam (and thankfully passed).  I purchased the CCIFP Study Guide through CFMA and it contained a practice test.  Personally I thought that was the best component of the study guide.

    Dennis J. Shindle, Jr. CPA, CCIFP
    Rotz & Stonesifer, P.C.
    Chambersburg PA
    (717) 264-5961

  • 3.  RE: CCIFP

    Posted 11-09-2018 10:05
    We did the same thing. We also had a 4 person study group that met one night a week (2 public accountants and 2 industry accountants). We did section summaries and came up with our own practice questions to quiz each other with. All 4 of us passed with this method. Good luck!

    Ashlynn Ball CCIFP, CPA
    San Diego CA
    (858) 430-0300

  • 4.  RE: CCIFP

    Posted 11-09-2018 11:05
    CFMA offers The CCIFP Study Guide that includes a just updated - New & Improved - Practice Exam of 100 questions - which includes references!
    This product will help you prepare for the CCIFP Exam by making better use of "The Book" - Financial Management and Accounting in the Construction Industry, and providing you with mobile app Flashcards, study tips, test taking strategies, and best practices for Study Groups.
    You can purchase The CCIFP Overview Seminar which includes the Study Guide with the recorded sessions, along with a robust Participant Guide; or you can purchase the Study Guide on it's own.
    CCIFP Study Guide
    CCIFP Overview Seminar
    Should you have any questions about any of our educational offerings, please contact Elizabeth Lachowicz, Director of Education at 609-945-2435 or
    Good luck with your exam!

    Elizabeth Lachowicz
    Director, Education
    Princeton NJ
    (609) 452-8000

  • 5.  RE: CCIFP

    Posted 11-09-2018 12:52
    The new CCIFP study guide has tons.  It also has flash card and so much more.  You can purchase it separately or take the overview course and get it for free with class.

    "This interactive study guide provides a power-packed toolkit that supports your learning, applying, and studying of CCIFP content. In addition to highlighting the eight knowledge areas tested on the exam, the guide includes study activities, best practices, and test taking strategies. What's more, the guide incorporates today's technology enabling you to study whenever you have a chance and an internet connection! Use your mobile devices to learn, study and test your CCIFP knowledge with the brand new Flashcards and Practice Exams. With rich content and valuable support tools like the Self-Assessment, Study Plan, and Glossary, this guide will enhance the effectiveness of your study efforts, increase the chances of your success on the exam, and support your overall professional development. ".  

    Patricia Dunn CPA, CFE, CCIFP
    Grow Construction
    Sherwood OR
    (503) 502-1845