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Field Crew Scheduling Software

  • 1.  Field Crew Scheduling Software

    Posted 02-22-2019 16:22

    If you have had experience with field crew scheduling software, please list the software and your pros and cons.  Thank you!


    Jackie Farasyn


    Mathiowetz Construction Company

    Sleepy Eye, MN  56085



  • 2.  RE: Field Crew Scheduling Software

    Posted 02-25-2019 16:52
    The sitework contractor I retired from a couple of years ago had just started using B2W Schedule (formerly Dispatch) software shortly before I left.
    It has traditional dispatch functionality plus the ability to schedule individual employees, work crews and equipment as far into the future as you want. I stay in touch with the company and they are very happy with it.

    Herb Brownett CCIFP
    Brownett & Associates LLC
    West Chester PA
    (610) 823-7615

  • 3.  RE: Field Crew Scheduling Software

    Posted 02-26-2019 07:39

    All our field personnel enter their receivers into one PO Receiver program, scan the receivers, open the same batch in another PO program, and using Document Manager in VCM attach the receiver attachments in the same order as the receivers were entered in a simple and easy tag and go process. This provides an Index of all values from the Receiver entry so we can search for Receivers. We also have the Receiver Index backfill the invoice that it is eventually matched to so we can search for a receiver and tell which invoice it was paid against, along with seeing related documents in one window - PO - AP Invoice - Receiver. ​We really don't use the unapproved invoice option very often since purchasing agents enter PO's, receivers are match against the lines, and AP initializes against the PO lines and if all matches the AP invoice is posted and eventually paid.

    Paul West
    Director of Enterprise Applications
    The Middlesex Companies
    Orlando FL
    (407) 206-0077

  • 4.  RE: Field Crew Scheduling Software

    Posted 02-27-2019 10:57
    Hi Jackie,
    We've been using LaborChart for six months now and are very happy with it. It's intuitive and user-friendly. Much better than whiteboards or Excel. I'd recommend taking a look at it if you haven't done so already.

    Greg Goforth MBA
    Executive Vice President
    Goforth Electric, Inc.
    Brockport NY
    (585) 395-0420